Genuine Gemstone Watches

Make your own time and make sure it shines the greatest dazzle! TJC is keen to help you with that, as we present a whole plethora of watches studded with precious and gemstones. Take away your secret to look simple yet glamorous, just a watch away. [Read More]

More About Genuine Gemstone Watches

Flaunt exquisiteness and strut in newfound confidence as you wear a little something from our divine gemstones-studded watch collection! With watches to suit all your needs and requirements, we have brought a range so vast that you’ll have a new watch to wear for every occasion. Enough to make a statement symbol of absolute, unadulterated glamour, these watches will gather all the compliments for your unique style and keen eye for uniqueness. Make princely statements as you adorn the shine of genuine and authentic gemstones!

As of current, we’re offering you three renowned brands, namely Eon, Strada, and Genoa. These famed brands have set up a class of brilliance in the market, with their praises being sung by almost every user. Promising you exquisite designs and a long life, these known brands will stay your loyal friends for a long time to come.

The beauty of gemstone-studded watches lies entirely in their finish or the basics of the make. We ensure that every piece delivered by us maintains absolute perfection. The unhindered glitter of the precious and vivacious stones has an almost overwhelming sense of awe, both on the wearers as well as the admirers. TJC makes sure that the affect dazzles without a glitch. Our brands have been tested and guarantee nothing less than a grand display of exquisiteness.

If you’re worried about the quality control on the online portals, don’t be. We ensure that the product that reaches you is nothing short on awing amazement. To make sure of that, we have set up several quality analysis portals, where our enthusiasts and diligent workers keep a keen and close eye while inspecting each product! We make sure that there are absolutely no flaws present in the watch and only then do we nod the approval for shipping. Our quality checks are intensive and careful, so rest assured, you only get what you paid for, even more.

To make things easy, smooth, and convenient for you, we have set up a shopping portal that lets you graze though our wide collection with absolute comfort. We work hard on keeping you happy. You’ll also come back to see that we keep revising our collection to keep up and in-touch with the on-going trends.

To narrow down your search from the incredibly vast collection, we have employed filters and refinements on the page. You can narrow down your search results listing to what you really want. Be it on the basis on price range, preference, what’s trending on TJC, or even suggestions by our in-house experts, we have got your needs covered on every ground! You don’t even need to harbour any concerns for shipping. We make sure that your shopping gets delivered right at your doorstep in the minimum time. If you’re not satisfied with the product (which almost never happens,) you can have it returned. To know more, you are advised to read our return policies.

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