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Delivering Joy


Launching the One for One Initiative

TJC began in Jaipur, India through our parent company VGL over thirty years ago. Therefore, we decided to launch our One for One in India to support the local community which our expert artisans are still based in.

Akshaya Patra

We work closely with a charity called Akshaya Patra, their mission is to eliminate classroom hunger by providing a hot nutritionally balanced lunch to schoolchildren. This wholesome lunch is important as it provides the children with energy to learn and gives them the nourishment and enthusiasm they need to pursue for a better future.

Non-Profit Organisation 2000

With the aim to end classroom hunger Akshaya Patra began a non-profit organisation 2000, they started by feeding 1,500 children and have grown to feed over 1.8 million. With 51 kitchens across 12 states in India they have the capacity to cook on average 100,000 meals. Meals are prepared with fresh vegetables served with dal, rice and roti, all staple ingredients found in a North Indian menu.

The impact these meals have speaks for itself, there are many success stories from the children who have benefitted from the Akshaya Patra foundation and now have dreams to go on to become Doctors, Mathematicians, Teachers, Dancers and Sport Stars.

Akshaya Patra’s Vision

Akshaya Patra’s vision is to attempt that no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger. Their efforts are to feed children in India who do not have the means to access a wholesome lunch meal. By feeding these children a nutritious meal it gives them the determination to attend school and pursue a better future.