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More About Personalised Family Necklace

Personalise necklaces are unique, just like you. It is not just a piece of necklace but a carrier of your personality, and emotions too! It becomes even better if you can get your loved one’s name engraved on them. Personalise family necklace is one such design which is timeless and is treasured for years to come. These are specially designed to keep your family members close to your heart.

At TJC, we offer you a great variety of such necklaces which can be a great gift for yourself and a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Our collection is stylish and sentimental at the same time and will surely become a part of your staple collection.

Personalise 3D Bar Necklace- Bar necklaces are sleek and look very stylish. You can get the front and back of the bar engraved with your loved one’s name engraved on it and carry on your neck regularly as it is a very versatile necklace and comfortable to carry all day long.

Personalise Interlock Necklace- Interlock necklaces are very special as they have a meaning to it. They symbolise a special bond between the two people whose names are engraved on the necklace. They can be engraved with yours and your partner's name or your child's name indicating your love for each other. You can choose yours from our collection of personalised family necklace online.

Family Tree Necklace- Trees and their roots are a symbol of strength and unbreakable bond. This is what family tree necklace symbolises. With an option of engraving on it, you can get your close family members name carved on it and keep them close to your heart always.

Personalise Children Bond Necklace- Mothers share a bond with their children that is unmatchable. We offer you such articles that will perfectly showcase your love for them. You can get your children name engraved on boy and girl motifs and even have an option of engraving your new born’s name and date of birth on a baby feet design necklace.

Personalise V Bar Necklace- V Bar necklaces are stylish and have a contemporary appeal to them. You can get both sides of the V engraved with your loved one’s name or a name and date of birth. You can get creative with other words too! Explore our designs in the engraved family necklaces, and find your perfect piece.

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With a growing trend of customised necklaces and the way they depict your feelings to your loved ones, we at TJC, offer you a great collection of personalised family necklaces in UK. You can choose your finish from yellow gold, rose gold and platinum plating for our jewellery pieces and even add a birthstone in some articles for more personalised touch. Love is a beautiful feeling and expressing it to your family through these necklaces is an amazing way to do so!

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