More About Jade Beads

Jade is a beautiful stone that comes in a range of colours ranging from green, yellow, red, among many more - there is an amazing range of jade beads jewellery for you in this collection, indeed! TJC’s collection brings you designer jewellery pieces ranging from bracelets, neckpieces, jewellery sets, etc. Whether you are looking for something ethnic or modish, you will find several unique pieces in TJC’s online collection of Jade beads. Each piece is beautiful and makes statement with its fine finishing. High quality Jade beads are used to make these stunning jewellery pieces that you can pair with a range of outfits.

TJC’s collection of Jade beads

TJC brings you an adorable collection of bead jewellery featuring attractive pieces that you would love to add in your jewellery collection. These beautiful designs display versatile outlays that can easily be worn on any occasion. Most of these pieces are designed keeping parallel with trends and new styles. Each piece is beautifully curated by skilled artisans. So, if you are thinking of buying some jewellery for Christmas, take a glance at the collection featuring our eye catchy designs, especially the ones crafted from natural green jade.


Bead necklaces have been in demand due to their stunning aesthetics. We are delighted to offer you beautifully finished and colourful Jade bead necklaces, some featuring skilfully done carving over jade. Most of the pieces are made in the frame of high-quality metals like rhodium plated sterling silver, which makes the piece durable. Jade jewellery looks sophisticated and displays amazing lustre of the beads. Multi-colour bead necklace is the perfect choice if you love colours.


Style your wrist with our beautiful Jade bead bracelets crafted with precision by skilled artisans. So, if you’re looking for easy-to-pair bracelets, you will find many pieces in the collection. Each bead is perfectly fine tuned and cut for the brilliant look. These bracelets display amazing lustre and can be paired with an array of outfits. Jade comes in many colours; you will love the multi-colour bracelets, featuring a range of jade beads.

What we offer?

  • High quality jewellery
  • Impressive designs
  • Skilfully done finishing
  • Lovable prices

Why choose TJC?

We strive to offer high quality products at easily accessible prices. TJC’s collection of Jade bead jewellery offers a range of pieces that you would love to flaunt at various occasions. We have a wide range of products of fine quality, all to make you feel extravagant and classy. We are offering our impressive products at affordable prices so that you can be look your best.

Finest quality at lower prices

A high-end quality with affordable prices is the best deal, hence, we strive to offer the same to our customers. Trendy designs to statement making pieces, you will get it all at easily accessible prices.