Garnet Bangles

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More About Garnet Bangles

Garnet is a stone most known and appreciated for the animated crimson hue. Coloured with vivacious richness and graced with riveting clarity, this stone has the highest appeal. And when you pair it with the fabulous designs of our garnet bangles, the delight becomes unsurmountable. This is exactly what we’re promising to deliver. All you must do is browse.

Our garnet collection is much talked-about as well as appreciated. And we possibly can’t wait for you to come see it. Unravel a blossoming rich and luxurious range of the most awe-inspiring designs that are bound to leave you astounded. The bestselling garnet bangles in our display will add a coloured or animated charm of eloquent delight to your style. Ranging from minimal and simple designs, our collection goes to the elaborately detailed adornments. We’ve given a lot of thought to your individual style requirements and moulded our designs with the same considerations. Come and see our range:

Our Range of Garnet Bracelets

Our promising and lavish range will let you peep into the most popular garnet bangles in UK. Starting at the minimal and sleek styles that are apt for professional wear, our designs range to the heavier versions that find the clustered arrangement of multiple gemstones. Another feature that sets our assortment apart is our use of different metals. We employ only the high-class grade and shining metals of rich value. In our alley, you’ll find the mesmerizing use of gold in the tinges of yellow, rose, and white (9K, 14K, 18K,) platinum (950-grade,) silver, rhodium, and more.

Astrological Benefits of Garnet

Garnet is a stone that translates into “seed.” There have been seen many benefits of garnet bangles over the years, noted by healers. The stone is said to bring prosperity to the wearer and fosters new and longer relationships. It is also believed that garnet is an excellent stone for reducing stress and depression. However, its biggest benefit is that it yields the power of attraction, which makes it the top choice of many.

Why Choose TJC?

There are many reasons why you ought to opt for us, while choosing your favourite bangle. However, the main ones are mentioned below:

Rich Range

The biggest reason to come shop with TJC is because we offer you the best range of real garnet bangles online in UK. We have carefully collected the entire variety scope that you’ve been looking for and have moulded our designs to match each requirement. Other than that, we have also used the stone in the company of several other stones to heighten its appeal.

Unmatched Prices

Another reason why we’re your best bet is entirely because of our pricing. We source our garnet straight from the mines. This ensures that we give you the array of genuine garnet bangles. But, that isn’t all. We also cancel the need of middlemen, hence bringing down the prices. This allows us to offer you affordable garnet bangles, too.

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