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More About Silver Heart Earrings

The heart shape has become synonymous with tender emotions such has endearment, affection and trust. The origin of the symbol is associated with the seedpod of Silphium plant, an extinct variety of giant fennel which was used as birth control by ancient Greek. The drawing of a human heart by Galen and Aristotle are also credited for its creation. Throughout history, the shape has strongly resonated with romantic love. The symbol’s use in jewellery began somewhere around the 16th century. Heart-shaped jewellery instantly evokes love in the heart of the wearer and therefore is a great gifting option.

The silver heart earrings collection here displays hearts in several different stunners, from small hangings to gemstones studded on the top. They can be divided into mainly three types: studs, drop earrings and dangles. Whether you are looking for attractive designs to extend your personal jewellery collection or want to surprise a loved one on her birthday or anniversary our sterling silver heart earrings are the ideal choice.

The minimalistic studs with a dearth of embellishments are the right choice to wear at the office and formal events. Available in three different tones - yellow gold, rose gold and silver, the silver heart studs are your go-to earrings that will match with any of your attires. On days you need something extra; the dangle with complex silhouette encrusted with gemstones like white freshwater pearls, rhodolite garnet, jade, amethyst and more add sophistication and elegance to your face. The tantalizing combination of vibrant gems and sparkling Swarovski instantly bring glamour to your look.

If ornated earrings are a big no-no for you, the earrings featuring Lucy Q and Rachel Galley’s simplistic designs will steal your heart. The drip-like hangings in Lucy Q’s iconic earrings are inspired by the fluid movements adds playfulness to your face. The ingenious detailing of drips stuns the onlookers by its uniqueness. The earrings from Rachel Galley feature exotic latticework creating tiny enclosures in heart shape. Both the jewellery designers are acclaimed for their creativity and inventiveness. Our in-house brand J. Francis displays a spectrum of coloured crystals studded artistically on sterling silver giving you earrings you wouldn’t find everywhere else. Last but not least is the G P selection with a hidden blue sapphire on the inner side.

Wearing a pair of earrings that makes you feel loved is the beginning of a journey towards self-love. To ensure you enjoy wearing these pieces a variety of motifs and patterns are used in our collection.

The embellishments are secured on the post either via prongs, bezel, channel and sturdy settings to increase their durability. To make them resistant to disruptive elements, they are plated with a protective layer of other precious metals which improves the aesthetics of our products. You can don these earrings all day long without worrying about losing them. They are enclosed by sturdily made backings.

Explore our range of bestselling silver heart earrings in UK now and enjoying wearing earrings that make you look graceful!

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