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More About Ruby Eternity Rings

Ruby is a precious, godly stone seen worn by so many celebrities at numerous red carped events. Just a fleeting glance at the stone tells all there is to know about its extravagance. Ruby is the best stone for you if you want to make an announcement of your undying love to your better half! Its deep, entrancing, and exotic crimson hue makes for the most tantalizing colour that you just need to acquire!

And that’s why we’re bringing you a collection of eternity rings studded with ruby! Eternity rings are the latest trending jewellery adornments that just don’t look spectacular, but also make a meaningful appearance as well. With unending circles sculpted out of precious metal such as platinum, yellow, gold, rose, gold, silver, et cetera, these rings project an eternal love. The studding of glorious gemstones is just another thing that makes them even more precious and dazzling to look at.

TJC presents to you a range so wide, that you’ll remain in wordless awe. Made out of a selection of the most prized and flawless metals (like rhodium, white gold, Thai silver, and more,) our eternity rings are found studded with the deep, crimson rich hue of the king of all gemstones – ruby. Garnering all the envious glances and appreciable coveting, these rings will hold the fancy of all the people who look at you.

In our celebrative collection, we present two types of eternity rings, namely full eternity and half eternity. Now, the full eternity rings are understandably the ones that are found as a complete circle of a uniform embellishment of stones. On the other hand, half eternity bands are the ones that have only the front half of the ring encrusted with gems. The former is found to be more expensive than the latter, owing to the increased number of gemstones found in it. However, the glory flaunted by full eternity bands is truly hard to compete with.

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