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More About Ruby Drop Earrings

Ruby is an idyllic gem worn by all connoisseurs and appreciators of exotic gems. Termed as the king of all gemstones, ruby’s appeal is enchanting. With the saturated crimson hue and deep clarity, it is one of the most sought-after products in our enormous catalogue. Here, you’ll find an enchanting collection of ruby drop earrings moulded in glorious and intricate designs. Let the dark hues of ruby sizzle up your ensemble and preen as the appreciative eyes stop at you.

We at TJC take a lot of pride in the quality of our gemstones. Our selection of ruby drop earrings comes with the fixing of best-quality stones, which flaunt magnificent hue and flawless lustre. It is believed that as deep is the colour of ruby, as high are the prices. You’ll be delighted to find the richest shades in our fine selection, boasting pristine quality and uncompromised clarity. In fact, if you look closely, you can get lost in the almost-animated richness of the intensity of these stones. We get our rubies from Africa and other places notably known for an unequivocal mined quality.

If you browse through our range, you’ll see that we cater to all kinds of needs. With elegant and simple drops, encrusted with a single ruby, our collection goes to the bold, intricate, and chandelier-like drops, which are studded with heavy work of gems. You’ll find something for every occasion. And it doesn’t harm the matter that the dark shade of ruby is extremely versatile, which allows you to wear it with almost everything.

Our precious and riveting collection is sung praises for. Not only do we provide you a vast range of ruby drop earrings with a single stone type, but you’ll also find a fine selection of other godly gems in the company of it, bringing the elegant flair ten times up. Stones like diamonds, zircon, Russian diopside, topaz, et cetera make for the best contrasting and suiting company to the brilliant designs.

TJC’s selection of ruby drop earrings flaunts the use of two brilliant quality rubies; Burmese and African. The ruby drop earrings in our catalogue feature the most tantalizing forms and intricate patterns with these rich and prized sources, which are coveted by almost everyone. Priced at an affordable range, this collection will let you shop for so much more at a lesser price scale.

We also provide you a careful selection of metal of moulding to choose from. Be it in the contrasting tones of yellow gold, or riveting new rose gold, or even the effortless and flawless planes of platinum, we have everything for your need. Find 14K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, rhodium, et cetera in our range and choose what you wish for! Happy shopping!

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