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More About Platinum Wedding Bands

Something that is made to last, a band is going to be with you for years. Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life, and hence, it is equally important to pick a perfect ring that you can cherish for a lifetime. It should be timeless yet match your taste, it should be smooth but not that can slip. Understanding the importance of a ring and the weight of love and never-ending bond it carries, we present to you a fine assortment of platinum wedding bands in UK to choose from. It is not always about fancy designs, decked with hundreds of stones and colours, a band ring can alone stand rooted and elegantly emphasize your love for one another. Considering how this jewellery piece plays a very imperative role in a wedding and you are the one wearing it for the rest of the life, we’d suggest you to go through this colossal range below and pick your perfect match right before the big day!

TJC’s Collection of Platinum Wedding Bands:

• Plain Platinum Wedding Bands:- Smooth and glistening with radiance, the band rings with shiny surface and no gem or stone on top are classic and high in demand. Indeed timeless in design, these are perfect for people seeking minimal design and opulence at the same time. The band of the plain designs can be broad was well as sleek, depending on your requirements. These rings are often seen to stack along with other rings and complete the looks on certain occasions.

• Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands:- Studded with single of multiple diamonds all over the surface, these bands are featured in full and half-eternity pattern. Here, the full eternity refers to the ones, decked with diamonds all over while in half-eternity, the diamonds are embedded only on the upper half. Just like a simple solitaire piece, a single diamond is also offered on the bands to further suit your requirements. Some designer inspired designs are also followed in this category, offering the flicker of diamonds added here and there!

• Gemstone Platinum Wedding Bands:- Offered in various designs like eternity or solitaire, these rings are decked with multiple gemstones or just single type. They project vibrant gemstones set on the platinum frame, contrasting with the theme very well. Gems like Ruby and Tanzanite can be seen ruling this range!

• Platinum Wedding Bands for Men:- Often available with the heavy and broad shaped bands, the range dedicated to the men is easy to identify. They are simple yet carry a masculine edge. The solitaire and plain bands also fall in this category. Unlike women, men tend to have prominent fingers, and hence, a broad shaped band is usually advised for them.

Why Choose TJC?

Crafted with utmost love and sincerity, each platinum wedding bands online here is hand crafted and carved. To make your memorable day even more special, we work hard from our end and ensure to deliver the quality and design you wish for!

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