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The source of energy for every living being the sun has been depicted by a circle which made it popular in every era. Human civilizations since the ancient times spread the shape all over the world through different creative outlets, from the painting in the caves to the architectural marvels like our very own Stonehenge. So, how could we leave jewellery behind!

Historically, a woman named Pu-abi from the Sumerian City of Ur was the first to wear a piece of jewellery with a circle in it. She enjoyed a status equivalent to an aristocrat and lived during 3rd millennium BCE. To help you add this omnipresent shape in your looks we are providing a versatile personalised circle jewellery collection. In this range, you will find true jewels that imitate the universal symbol of unity, wholeness and timelessness in a new form. Even in present days, women are fond of the endless silhouette. The ubiquitous nature of circles, from the planets to our iris which can be treated as a microscopic representation of the universe itself made it a sacred symbol. Mandala, which is symbolic to the interconnectedness and never-ending nature of the universe too has a circular shape and is treated with great reverence in Buddhism and Hinduism. Now, whenever you buy personalised jewellery you would know the significance behind the circle.

Exotic Personalised Disc Jewellery Online

We want you to feel the excitement of trying something new whenever you put on our glitzy personalised disc jewellery pieces. By playing with the circular forms and combining them in ingenious ways we have put together accessories that will get your admiration instantly. If you simply want to wear your loved one’s name on your neck and want to feel them next to you every moment, our Personalised Disc necklaces are the best choice. Most modern women are minimalistic at heart, we don’t blame them. Lightweight pieces are indeed so comfortable. For those of you our chained pendants with concentric and interlocked hallow rings form the ideal mates. With them too you get the chance to add some personal touch with the words you wish to read during the hard times. On a few rare occasions wearing a necklace can be exhausting especially when it doesn’t land on the right spot. Some of our pieces come with customizable length too, so you can choose to buy a princess disc necklace or go for collar one!

Prefer wearing subtle bling? You can go for the twinkling bracelet and rings. The fun in buying from TJC is you not only get to choose the words or quote you get engraved but even the finishing of the jewellery. From the warm rose gold to soothing platinum and the oldie yellow gold, we got plenty of options.

Giving Timeless Gifts

A present that becomes a personal treasure for the receiver is a true winner, and it also cemented your place permanently in their heart. The exceptional beauty of our circle jewellery makes it a perfect present for your loved one. In fact, your picks have the power to express your boundless love for the wearer because we pack it with care in a sumptuous box. With TJC logo mentioned on the box, they feel the adrenaline rush even before opening the box as they know a treasure awaits them. Creating a cherished moment in their life, the personalised pieces become more of sentimental jewellery that connects them to you with every wear. In case, you are looking for something that’s affordable or are on a tight budget look into our charm and cufflinks.

Ultimate Destination for Extraordinary Personalised Circle Jewellery in UK

Whether it is engraved initial that you wish to wear or a powerful message you want others to spell when they see you, you can get it done with our customisable pieces. The name of a near one or a companion for many is a source of vast happiness. While for others, symbols are most empowering. We brought it all under one umbrella with our personalised collection.

So, what are you waiting for, Get started now! We assure you will enjoy shopping because you get control of so many aspects of each design in this sumptuous collection.

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