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More About Garnet Necklaces

The dazzling clarity and dawning hues of garnet make it a favourite pick for many. Borrowing its rich lustre and stunning colour grade from the beauty of pomegranate jewels, this stone makes the most majestic pieces of adornments. Here, in our collection, you’ll find awe-inspiring pieces of garnet necklaces that have been the centre of admiration and coveting for many. Come and take a look at the diverse and posh-class range that we have to offer.

Our Range

The deep and exotic crimson colour of garnet makes is renowned across the globe. However, that’s not the only colour it is available in. The stunners in our sizzling collection will let you shop from a variety of hues garnet, portraying the best of greens and reds. The green variety of the said stone is referred to as Tsavorite garnet.

Made in the contrasting and/or matching tones of metal choices, our collection lets you have impressionable beauties cast in the lay of gold in the tinges of yellow, rose, and white (9K, 14K, 18K,) platinum (950-grade,) silver, rhodium, et cetera. Have a look at the bestselling garnet necklaces designs below:

Pendant Necklaces

From the endless collection, the range of pendant garnet necklaces seems to have become the favourite choice of shoppers. Our collection presents transfixing designs with the illustrious and transfixing hues of garnet embellished. Designs like halo, floral, trilogy, and other seem to be just a few. They come available with a chain made in spectacular metal choices.

Tennis Necklaces

There has to be said something fantastic and inspiring about the stunning beauty of tennis style. With a single-strand neat arrangement of regal jewels, our selection of tennis-styled necklaces have proven to be breath-taking. Promising exotic lustre and high-grade, posh appeal, they come in swathing excellence.

Beaded and Laced Necklaces

Imagine the faceted excellence of garnet as they’re laced together in strands. The image renders you speechless in marvelling wonder, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what our multiple-strand garnet necklaces bring you. We portray the reflective delight of the animatedly hued garnet and let the magic rest around your neck.

Choosing TJC

We understand the painstaking efforts of finding authentic garnet necklaces online in UK. With an overwhelming number of options, there’s only little assurance of genuineness. But at TJC, you’ll get the promise of everything you’ve been seeking. We are a known, heard, and acknowledged name when it comes to high-grade gemstones with promising factor of lasting lustre. Our fine collection of garnet necklaces in UK offers you the best-in-class jewels sourced straight from the mines. In fact, the direct sourcing from mines is among the reasons why you’ll find affordable garnet necklaces in our delightful array.

That said, you cannot end your shopping here. There is a lot more and beyond that we have to offer. Find the best idyllic features of rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more, in the stateliest designs and lays. Suiting to the rich tastes of every individual, the collection at TJC is all for you. Happy shopping!

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