More About Valentine’s Day Last Chance

TJC’s Last Chance Deals bring you the absolute lasts of each product, making it your final chance to grab them all. Shop for these pieces before they’re gone for good. Be quick, get your cards, and get shopping now!

The season of love and promises is close, the air is full of love and cupid with bow and arrows, so what are you waiting for? Dive in our very exclusive range of products crafted to make this 14th February even more special and remarkable for you. Made by the expert hands, each product is well crafted and designed to give you the best present for your partner. So, let your love bloom in full swing with our incredible range below:

• Bags:- Available for both men and women, the gorgeous collection of bags is right here for you to pick. Ideal for any occasion and need, each bag is full of love. With the quality like genuine leather, we promise to bring the best of designs with spacious interior for you.

• Jewellery:- Nothing can beat the beauty and opulence of a fine jewellery piece. Featured for both men and women, the valentine jewellery collection is perfect to confess your love for your special someone. The newly introduces line inspired from the hart shapes and love theme is perfect to celebrate the occasion with.

• Beauty and Grooming:- Show your partner that can care for each and every small detail. The collection of beauty products and grooming range is ideal to gift your partner. Offered in various combos and kits, we have plenty of options for you to pick.

• Fashion accessory:- Sometimes it’s about small jewellery and adornments just like the efforts, and hence, we present one fine line of brooches, charms and cuff links. Offered with multiple other options to choose from, the fashion accessories also surmise of sunglasses and scarves for your partner.

• Fragrances:- Some soothing and some as bold as your personality, the scents and essences available in our room will fit in your every mood. Whether it’s a light everyday body mist to a classic Eau De Parfum, we have some exclusively selected fragrances for you and your partner both!

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