Goldenite Jewellery

A one-of-a-kind gem, this one marvels the admirers with its unique sheen. Streaked with gold on an intense and hypnotizing black background, Goldenite has efficiently captured the unequivocal interest of many. [Read More]

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A quirky yet super stylish gemstone that to all its extent doesn’t fail to impress the gazer is only Goldenite. It is a black jade that undergoes special surface treatment to ensure a random layer of 22k gold spreads on it making a gorgeous looking sight. For all the jewel buffs, this one is certainly of deep interest as it is immaculately supreme to depict fashion and regal vibes at the same time.

So, let's unfold the enticing galore of Goldenite gemstone from TJC:

Goldenite Rings

Let your fingers dazzle and glam with an awe-inspiring ring collection of Goldenite gemstone. It is supremely vivacious, to say the least. It has a tinge of gold setting on the surface that makes it a queer but attractive piece of jewellery. With an unblemished setting of sterling silver and other gemstones, this is a sight to behold.

Goldenite Pendants

Have it with you to define your love for statement-making pieces. The Goldenite pendant is undoubtedly one fair sight to gain the attention of the world and call out in making some stand-out styles for the discerning women of the UK. The black hues of this stone embark flamboyance and add the much-needed glam.

Goldenite Bangles

Channel your inner spirit when you adorn a most quirky yet stylish piece of bangle from TJC. The entire arrangement of a Goldenite bangle is a stealer and complements your style index in the most coveted way. So if in rush or have the world’s time, make sure to stand out with a Goldenite bangle.

Somethings are irresistibly enchanting yet so unusual and therefore they are a must have to cart in your treasure trove collection.

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