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3 Reasons to Replace Your Normal Pillowcase with Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

In recent times mulberry silk pillowcases have become a sensation in the beauty sector. The huge hype in the market for the unique benefits provided by them has intrigued our interest much like you.

What is mulberry silk fabric?

Silk threads are extracted from the cocoon of the silk moths. Those which are formed by the silk moths which feed on the mulberry leaves are used for making mulberry silk. Pure Mulberry Silk fabric is touted as one the most coveted fabrics all across the globe..

Here we have compiled a list of the key benefits of mulberry silk pillowcases to quench your curiosity

Maintains the moisture of your skin and hair

Mulberry silk fabric is sold at a much higher price than other varieties of silk. So, is buying a mulberry silk pillow cover worthwhile? The answer is yes. Unlike mainly other fabrics which wick the moisture away from your hair and face, these pillowcases leave the natural moisture undisturbed. For people who apply skincare products as a part of their beauty regime, this is good news. Laying your head on the mulberry silk bedding pieces will ensure the cream or moisturiser you apply does not linger on your pillow and cause irritation the next day. When you hydrate your skin before sleep, you will look wonderful after you walk up in the morning.

Keeps your hair frizz-free

Don’t have the time to style your hair in the morning? Have split ends? A mulberry silk cover might help you. How? The super-soft fabric minimizes the friction which often leads to tangles and knots. Your hair will gently glide over the fabric when you turn from one direction to the other. Lesser friction also keeps the hair away from frizz, meaning your braids will look as elegant as they were late night when you are out of bed the next day.

Takes care of your skin

Softness of the mulberry silk bedding makes it an extremely comfortable surface for your skin to rest. But what makes it truly phenomenal is it does not scratch your face or neck, which also makes an excellent reason to shop for mulberry silk scarves silk. The mulberry silk pillow covers are a great option for people who sleep on their stomach on one side. Your face or neck will not be creased by the soft fabric. With increasing age, the elasticity and powder of regeneration of our skin reduce. Sleeping with ceases formed on the same area of your skin every day can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Mulberry silk bedding can reduce the chances of developing wrinkles during the hours you sleep.