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Your Ultimate Bedding Glossary

A restful night sleep can work wonders for any household helping them to make the most of their day.

While you may not have noticed but how you make your bed can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. If the mattress doesn’t support your back aptly, it can change the curvature of your backbone leading to health issues. Knowing your bedding pieces well will help you choose the right ones. So, today we have crafted a complete glossary of the common bedclothes every person needs to have in their home for enjoying a rejuvenating slumber.

Types of Bedsheets

1. Fitted Sheet – Your mattress can become the breeding ground for moulds, bacteria and collect dust over time if not covered. Easiest way to stay away from the fore-mentioned consequences is dressing your mattress in the perfect bedsheet or even mattress cover sometimes. It envelopes your mattress in a layer of cloth. Elastic panels on all four sides the bedding cloth ensure it doesn’t slide while you are tossing and turning in your bed.

2. Flat Sheet – Just above the fitted sheet comes the flat sheet. It enhances the aesthetics appearance of the bed and also is a great product if you accidently purchase a fitted sheet with fabric you are allergic to. A cotton flat sheet is a suitable pick for most people as it is organic and works for every season.

3. Bedspread – Bedspreads got popular during World war II. The main purpose of using this fabric cover is to protect the bedding pieces from surface damage. However, these days a bedspread is more of an accent piece.

Types of Bed Toppers

1.Comforter – Two layers of fabric are filled with a mix of down, wool, and cotton or sometimes synthetic material to give it a fluffy look. Later it is quilted from top to bottom for evenly spreading the filling and keeping it intact forever

2. Quilt – One of the first quilts was made from different fabrics sewn together to from a blanket. A quilt is crafted from three layers, top and bottom is fabric with batting in the middle. Material of the batting determines the quality and amount of warm a quilt offers. The middle layer of quilt is made from a variety of fillings including down feathers, cotton or wool.

3. Blanket – Rather than having a filling, they are made solely from a woven fabric. These are not just good for adding a layer of warmth to your bed but can be of great help when lying beside your sofa or bean bag. Wool, cotton, polyester, microfiber and more, you are spoilt for choice because blankets are crafted from a range of material.

4. Duvet - It is similar to the comforter in terms of weight and filling expect it doesn’t have any quilting. Filling of duvet is not sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. You have to buy a duvet cover to keep it safe from contamination and dust. Much like you wash your bedding sheets the cover can be periodically washed to keep your duvet clean and fresh.

Pillowcases and Pillows

1. Pillow –Along with supporting your head and helping your sleep tight, they even sympathise with you during the hard times by not complaining when you squeeze them. If you are looking for softness, try a mulberry silk pillow. People who are suffering from neck pains or back issues should opt for an orthopaedic pillow.

2. Pillow Sham –These covers are designed for adding allure to your sleeping space. With a few pillow shams you can instantly change the look of your room without buying an entire bedding set.

3. Pillowcases – A pillowcase is simply a cover that comes with an open flap to insert the pillow. It can come with closed edges called the housewife pillow cover or a border around it, known as Oxford pillowcase. Since your face is in direct contact with the case, the fabric can become a reason for breakout if not changed frequently. Much like the bedsheet size, these come in king, queen and standard size.

4.Throw pillow - Want to have a crowd around you while you sleep? Buy some throws pillow or cushions then. Smaller than a standard size pillows they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can give a cosy feel to your bed.