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Spectrolite Stone

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Spectrolite Stone

Seen as one of richest gemstones in our catalogue, Spectrolite has earned its name. It displays a dazzling play of iridescent metallic shades, which garners sighs of longing when you encrust them and jewel them! The stone sometimes looks like it doesn’t belong to this planet. Streaked with metal green hues, the clever uses of this stone on flaunting adornments make a gorgeous sight to behold. Named the “Stone of Light,” this stone was discovered accidentally.

Origin and supply

Spectrolite is known as a wonderful variety of the parent gem Labradorite. Initially found in the Labrador Peninsula of eastern Canada, this kind of stone exudes just the most majestic colour streaking that you can find. Discovered somewhere in the 1770s, Labradorite can now be found in several other places such as India, Madagascar, and Mexico. However, if we’re to strictly speak of Spectrolite, then the best of its quality is abundantly found in Finland.

The credit for the discovery and unveiling of the stone can be given to the Finnish geologist Aarne Laitakari. The name “Spectrolite” comes from the fact that it displays an entire spectrum of colours playing on it.

Optical features

There are a lot of features that make Spectolite among the most wanted gemstone in the entire run of industry. The winning quality can, however, be considered as the metallic streaks found on the dark background, which makes the stone look out-worldly. With the metallic streak occurrence in green, violet, and blue, the iridescence of this stone is exemplary.

Spectrolite also ranks 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that it is not the strongest of the gemstones and will probably not survive a hard blow. It is also not resistant to scratches of abrasions. Hence, it should be given the care and respect that it deserves.

Astrological importance

Spectrolite is among the most known gemstone in the healing world owing to its miraculous properties. Not only is it an aesthetic treat, but it also harbours some of the most positive and transformative energies. Many healers use it during their practices as it is known to rejuvenate and enlighten the aura of the room, meanwhile filling a sense of positivity in the people

There are also a number of people who strongly believe that it brings luck to the wearers. Not only that, but many claim that it reduces the occurrence of fitful sleep and brings love as well as passion into the life of wearers. Many tribes across the globe also regard it to regulate the grade of self-confidence in the person who wears it.

Some shamans also regard it as a protection stone. It entails that the positive energy of Spectrolite is so wide that it cleans out your chakras and makes you immune from the negativity going around. It also prevents all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions from draining all your energy and keeps you guided on an inspirational front.

How to clean

It is very important to note that you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, let the Spectrolite be exposed to ultrasonic radiations, as it will destroy the stone owing to its lamelled structure. Also, refrain from using salt while cleaning as it might harm the quality.

If you must, you can clean the stone using by running it under cool water or letting it soak in a bowl of water overnight. It is a naturally-occurring stone and it should be treated in the same manner.


Some people maintain that Spectrolite is great for the people who struggle with sleep. If you wrap a blue/green variety of the stone in a scarf and place it under your pillow, you’ll be blessed with the most incredible sleep quality.

However, the time it takes to regulate the sleep cycle may differ from person to person. For some, it works instantly, while for others, it may take time. But the effects resulting in a deep, peaceful slumber are guaranteed.

Facts About Spectrolite

  • Known as the “Stone of Light,” the stone was accidentally discovered by a Finnish geologist named Aarne Laitekari.
  • It is categorised under the parent gem Labradorite.
  • It ranks 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it susceptible to blunt force traumas.
  • It is regarded as one of the most powerful stones when it comes to healing properties and astrological importance.
  • The best quality stones have dark backgrounds and streaks of metallic colours like green, violet, and blue.
  • Spectrolite isn’t found in larger sizes.
  • The main difference between Labradorite from other places and the one procured from Finland is that Finland’s stones have brighter and richer hues in comparison, which makes them incredibly sought-after.
  • No harsh methods should be used to clean the stone. Only cold running water is enough to rinse the dirt away. More intrusive methods can affect the quality of the stone, making it weaker.

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