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Teaser: Regarded with a lot of mysteries and folklore, Shungite is one among the lesser known stones. Scaled with a matte ebony black finish, the stone exudes the most enriched magnificence. Find a wide number of jewellery adornments embellished with the said stone. Shungite gemstone is associated with a mysterious past. Many people regard it to have extremely strong positive forces and healing powers, which makes it a very impressionable stone in the healing world. With a lot of legends in concern of its origin and powers, it is also one of the most sought-after stones in the past few years. Flaunting an ebony matte-finished texture, the jewellery made out of this stone is regarded as rich and opulent.

Origin and Supply of Shungite Stone

Discovered in the Republic of Karelia near Lake Putkorezo, this stone has taken the gemstone world by storm. The name comes from the place of its original supply, called “Shun’ga.” The geographical occurrence of the stone is the reason why it is called “Shungite.”

The best quality of the said stone is procured from Russia, where the deposit stretches to 9000 square kilometres. Owing to its rare availability, the demand for the stone is on an all-time high. Even though most the mining is done from Russia, there are also other places where it is found in small quantities. The countries like Austria, India, and The United States of America. However, the supply from there is far inferior if compared to the quality and quantity from Russia.

Features of Shungite Stone

The composition of the stone is almost 98% carbon. It is one of the reasons why the hue of the stone varies from gunmetal to intense black, with matte finish, according the ratio of carbon. The matte finish is due to the presence of small quantities of sulfur found in the composition of the gem.

Now, there have been a lot of speculations of how the stone came into being. A lot of people believe that it is made of the remains of some micro-organisms that decayed from times immemorial.


The same people maintain that it has micro-organisms from the ancient ocean, which do not habituate on this planet anymore, which makes Shungite one of the most precious metals.

However, scientists say that they’re found in sedimentary rocks in shallow waters. They can be either migrated-shungite or non-migrated shungite. The variation in the lustre can be held responsible as per the formation of the stone or from where the mining occurs. It should be noted that stone originating from the same mining location can also have entirely different outcomes.

Shungite can have a lot of appearances and it all depends entirely on its composition. The final image of the stone is portrayed upon the polishing, which can go from a mirror-like sheen to dark and intense matte finish.

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Healing Importance of Shungite

Aged approximately 2 billion years, this ancient stone is of reverence to all the healers across the globe. Shungite is said and believed to be one of the most powerful and positive stones on the face of this planet.

The stone has been in high importance to all the powerful healers on account of it containing Fullerenes, which are strong anti-oxidants. There have been several prize-winning researches conducted on how these Fullerenes affect the psyche and empower individuals.

It all started when the people in the ancient times at Russia started using the stone to purify water. Later on, it was noted that it had a negative effect on any micro-organism that might be living in a patient’s body ...

People started drinking the water that had the stone soaking in it as it helped them fight skin-related issues. This led to believe that shungite also adds on to building immunity system.

There have also been studies where it has been believed that Shungite shields you from the electromagnetic radiations that are given off by the electrical appliances (like computers, cell-phones, microwave, television, et cetera.

Disclaimer: The content here is for informational purposes only. Mentioned remedies, approaches, and techniques cannot be made a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. Please refrain use to treat any ailment without consultation with a qualified health care professional.

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Facts about Shungite

  • The stone is easily aged approximately 200 billion years old, which makes it one of the anciently available gemstones, and therefore very precious.
  • It ranks 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that it is susceptible to damage in the occurrence of any blunt force trauma. So, you are advised to keep it safely and carefully
  • Most of the stones are mined from Russia, where the deposit stretches to over 9000 square kilometres...
  • Shungite ranges from the darkest shades of ebony to glistening gunmetal. It all depends on the formation and geographical occurrence of the stone
  • It is an incredibly important stone in the healer community as it is the only-known natural source of Fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.
  • Many people soak it in water to purify the water and then drink the water as they believe the strong positive vibrations emanated from the stone will heal their ailments.
  • You can find the stone chiselled into the shape of pyramids and spheres, although wearing the jewellery studded with the stone also makes a very popular choice.

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New Arrivals

Frequently Asked Questions around Shungite

1. What does Shungite stone do to water?

People over the years have seen and observed changes in water when shungite was placed in it. It is believed that the stone purifies water and offers it healing benefits. Some also believe that it may have analgesic, rejuvenating, and other benefits

2. How to care for Shungite?

Shungite has a low score on Mohs Scale – 3.5-4, meaning it’s easy to break and scratch. Washing unpolished stone may leave a powdery residue, polished stone usually doesn’t. Use fresh cool water and mild soap to clean.

3. Does Shungite really block EMF radiations?

It is believed that putting Shungite near the microwave and other radiation-emitting machines can absorb the harmful radiations. It is believed that it’s because of fullerenes.

4. How can you tell if it’s a real Shungite?

Shungite stone has a very weak structure and ranks poorly on the Mohs Scale of hardness with a score of 3.5-4. If it easily breaks in your hands with even a little pressure, the stone you have is real. It is also quick and easy to scratch

5. Does Shungite need cleansing?

In the world of healing, it is believed that Shungite stone never needs cleansing as it doesn’t have any negative energies.

6. What are the healing benefits of Shungite?

Shungite is a stone that is believed to have lots of healing benefits. Many believe it to be a powerful positive stone that can help in healing. Some believe that it can purify even water, while some people believe it absorbs harming EMF radiations.