Green Tanzanite Gemstone - Colour, Features & Properties - TJC

With the glowing shades and perfected facets, there’s no parallel beauty like the green tanzanite! Boasting an exceptional clarity, the stone is an ideal wear at almost every occasion you’d grace with your ethereal presence with!

Origin and supply

Most of the tanzanite today is mined from Tanzania, which is the biggest supplier of the stone. The mines there are divided into 4 block from where the rocks are procured; namely Unites “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.”

About 20 years ago was the first time when the brilliant Green Tanzanite was spotted. With alluring hues and vividly entrancing clarity, it took the gemstone world by storm. Like other tanzanite, it shows a play of colours when viewed from different angles. It also holds the pleochroistic quality like other varieties, meaning that it shows a different shade when viewed in different lights and angles.

Optical Features

What makes the stone special is the red-violet undertone along with a hypnotizing green base colour. Some rare varieties also portray a riveting mix of bluish-green tones as well. That said, it is majorly known for its unique colour play. The colour of the stone might resemble with tourmaline, but there are several other stark differences in the gems.

Specifications and family

The green tanzanite comes from the zoisite family of minerals, so it should be called green zoisite, in the technical manner of speaking. Coming under the fancy-colour tanzanite, the stones remain on 6.5 of the Mohs Scale of hardness. It means that the stones are hard but need care. The score on the scale indicates that while it cannot break easily, it can still sustain scratches and abrasions that will affect its inimitable sparkle. And you certainly do not want that.

With the rarity and low availability of the stone withstanding, TJC brings you a vast and splendid collection of jewellery adornments studded with it. Find a wide number of necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, and so much more reflecting the pristine green tanzanite. Find the perfect setting to enhance the colour tenfold, be it the glistening rhodium-plated sterling silver or the godly yellow gold. We’ve got a lot to offer.

Care and maintenance of the stone

When it comes to taking care of the stone, it should be treated like all other varieties of tanzanite. You can wash it with lukewarm water and a little gentle soap. Rinse it and wipe it with a chamois cloth or a soft towel. It absolutely necessary, you may also opt to use a toothbrush to clean the underside of the stone.

Another fabulous combination believed to be magical by astrologers and healers is the combination of amethyst stone and any among the clear quartz collection. Both the crystals are believed to harbour and bring positivity to the wearer. When speaking of clear quartz, it is believed to be among the most powerful healing stones. It flushed out the negative energy from the wearer and heals you inside out, many healers claim. They also maintain that if you wear quartz with amethyst’s protective tendencies, the combination gives you battling energy.

Healing Properties of Amethyst

When in the healers’ community, there is a lot of regard and respect for amethyst as a healing stone. The healing benefits of amethyst geodes are rich, powerful, and most importantly, positive. It is believed to be crystal that’s made to protect. Below, we have briefly explained the benefits of both wearing the stone as well as placing it in the room:

Decorating Amethyst Rock

Many healers believe that even as much as placing the rock in the right corner of your room can prove to be quite positive. Several people love and adore decorating amethyst crystals or amethyst geodes as their room décor. While that’s majorly done for the rock’s aesthetically pleasing qualities, it goes much deeper than that. Healers say that amethyst is a stone of power. If you place it in the room, it aids family bonding and protects your place from negativity, evil eye, and other threatening forces. If you place the crystal at your workplace, it’ll help you in making decisions, will help ease communication, and give you confidence, or so several healers claim.

Wearing Amethyst Stone

Quite commonly used a prized gemstone in rings, pendants, earrings, and more amethyst stone is a charmer, healers say. They say that the mighty stone truly helps in transforming the negative and hostile energy into positive and relaxing. The gem is also believed to protect you against psychic attacks and paranormal incidents. In fact, some people go as far as to claim that wearing amethyst geode or unpolished natural amethyst has aided their psychic powers, gracing them with better intuition.

Facts related to the stone

Here are mentioned some fun little facts about amethyst that you should know:

  • It is mined from Tanzania, the biggest supplier of tanzanite in the world.
  • It ranks 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that it is brittle but not resistant to scratches and abrasions.
  • It is categorised under the fancy-coloured tanzanite, which are rare.
  • Like all the other varieties of tanzanite, it also goes under intensive heat treatment, which enhances it colour and rids it of clouding and other imperfections. It also makes the stone resistant to mild heat
  • Tanzanite is considered the birthstone of the month of December. It enhances the latent psychic abilities and helps in exploration of those as well. It also emanates a soothing vibe, which facilitates smooth conversations and overall a positive environment where it is put
  • Perfect for zodiac sign of Sagittarius
  • There are several uses of the stone to healers as it is known to strengthen the immunity system. It also purifies the blood stream and protects any patient from the side-effects of surgery.