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Fluorite Stone

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Fluorite Stone

Welcome the stone portraying a mirage of colours! Playing seek at different angles of light, fluorite is considered a godly gem by collectors. It is available in a plethora of colours, which makes it so much more covetable. Also called “fluorspar” for the industrial uses, fluorite is one of the most colourful stones to exist. Owing to the property displaying an entire spectrum of colours, fluorite manages to look alike a lot of gems. Get a collection of jewellery pieces crusted with this stone of magic, only at TJC!


The name “Fluorite” can be understood from the Latin verb for “flow.” Initially, the mineral “fluorite” was called “fluorspar.” Later, in the years, the colour-ranging phenomenon of this stone lent its name to “fluorescence,” which is due to certain impurities found in the crystal. The gem appears to be fluorescent when placed under UV lights. The element “fluorine” is also named after this mineral.

Origin and supply

As of the present time, there are a lot of locations, from where you can source the stone. There are different places providing different colours and variations. Below, we’re giving you the best idea of the relevant locations.

Mint green fluorite – The best quality of the colour mint green in fluorite is being sourced from Quebec, Canada, where we get our gems from.

Purple fluorite – The sourcing of this particular colour is best done from the frigid and frosting climate of Hunan Province of China, where the mining is done through the warmer months of spring and summer.

Belgian teal green fluorite – As the name suggests, we import our best quality of the stone from Belgium. Other places where you can find it are Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, Spain, and the United States of America.

Canary yellow fluorite – The most appealing quality of the said gem is sourced from China.

Colour-changing fluorite– The unique colour-changing variety of the stone is also sourced from China.

Optical features

As we have already established, the stone fluorite is available in many colours. So, it is alike a number of other coloured gemstones, which makes it a little difficult to be distinguished. That said, the structuring of the stone is relatively weaker than the other crystals. Another visual property that sets it apart from all the other crystals is that it tends to change colours and glow, upon being heated. Below, we have described the optical description of all the colours that we offer.

It is important to be noted that fluorite is available in all imaginable shades from colourless to black. However, only a few are popular and in demand. They are purple, blue, green, and yellow. While you can find single-coloured stone abundantly in the market, there are also some variations that provide a play of two or more colours in a single gem.

Purple fluorite

Being as the most coveted and demanded variety of the stone, the colour purple is achieved after a radiation treatment that enhances its colour. It is worthy to be noted that the sorting process to procure just the best-quality colours is difficult as well as time-consuming as its challenging to get two stones of same intensity. However, the efforts are completely worth the final outcome.

Belgian teal fluorite

The mentioned gemstone displays an alluring and unique green shade that makes the most elegant and cherishing jewellery pieces. The colour choice has become quite popular in the Asian markets and is regarded to bring luck and prosperity to the wearers.

Canary yellow fluorite

As the name suggests, this class of the gem portrays a vivacious and popular yellow colour, which is eerily similar to quartz. However, quartz is a stronger stone by structure. The yellow hue of the stone makes some of the most mesmerizing jewellery pieces that will grace your ensemble.

Mint green fluorite

Promising a dainty green shade, this selection of colour from the range is perfect for a summery appearance. The rare shade looks almost ethereal studded on your jewellery and will make you the centre of attention at many parties and gatherings.

Clarity and lustre

When in terms of fluorite’s clarity, it shows no visible inclusions that might tarnish its appeal. The higher-grade fluorites promise excellent clarity with an almost sacred transparency. Some of the lower-grade varieties of the stone might be translucent in their appearance. Following to the intensity of the colour of the faceted versions of this, fluorite makes the best solitaire! Fluorite is also best in display when it is faceted, as a higher number of reflective surfaces give it a better area to throw off the light. The most popular shapes of this stone are oval, round, square, cushion, princess, and more. However, seeing that it is a softer stone, it is prone to chipping when it is being faceted. So, the manufacturers and the wearers have to be incredibly careful.

Astrological and healing importance

Considering that the stone is lesser known, it doesn’t have many legends or stories attached to it. At also poses as an issue that it is visually similar to a lot of other crystals. However, its effects are not completely absent.

Some healers believe that fluorite is an extremely protective crystal and comes in as a very important source of positive energy. It also lets you know if any external power is trying to control or manipulate you and keeps it away from your psyche. Some people also claim that it wards off hostile presence and negative energies that threaten your relations.

There are a keen number of people who believe that differently coloured stones provide different properties and benefits, like:

Clear fluorite – The transparent and clear variation of the stone is considered as a purifier stone, with properties inducing emotional stability and removing any sort of confusion. It also aids harmonious relationships and builds a strong psyche that is immune to manipulations.

Green fluorite – The green variation of fluorite is considered a healer. It heals all emotional turmoil and promotes endless love. The green crystal is also widely used for detoxification and in curing heart diseases by many.

Purple fluorite – The purple fluorite is considered to open the third eye or the psychic part of our mind, as astrologers claim. It aids everything to do with memory and concentration, even if they are resulting due to tumour and accidents.

Yellow fluorite – This variety of the stone enables you to quickly learn and adapt from the experiences. Owing to its peppy colour, it also brings in a sense of positivity and happiness to the wearer. Many people believe it helps the people who suffer from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and other stomach issues.

How to clean

As we have already established, fluorites are relatively softer crystals in comparison to others. Rating only 4 on the Mohs scale of harness, they need special care and treatment. With the hardness like opals, you need to be careful while wearing the jewellery as it is very susceptible to damage. Do not wear it if you’re planning any outdoor excursion, sports, or even household manual chores.

If you need to clean the jewellery, it is best to rinse it under cool water. If you still find persistent dirt and grime on it, you can use a few drops of liquid soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush to wash the underside. Wipe with chamois cloth with gentle care. You need to be aware that this stone cannot be exposed to harsh chemicals due to its fragility. Avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaners as it won’t be able to withstand extremely high temperatures and will break.

How to clean

In this section, we’ll let you know how to care for this gem. Seeing that it rates pretty low on the Mohs scale of harness, it needs to be taken extensive care of. It is prone to chipping and shattering if it meets any forceful trauma. So, you’re advised to not wear it if you’re going to be involved in any outdoor excursions, sport, or even indoor manual chores.

Now, when it comes to the cleaning of the stone, the process is as easy as it gets. You can just rinse the stone under a stream of cool water. If you wish to be more thorough, you can always dip the stone in a soapy solution with warm water. If you’re finding some persistent dirt, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the underside. Rinse in cool water and wipe with a soft towel. Mind that harsh fabrics and excessive force may cause scratches. Do not expose the stone to harsh chemicals, ultrasonic or steam cleaners!

Facts about Fluorite

If you’re out shopping for Burmese Sapphire in UK, then there are a few facts that you can do well knowing. Some of these more popular facts have been mentioned below:

  • While the gemstone is naturally-occurring, it goes through intensive radiation process that helps to enhance the colour.
  • Fluorite is available is a vast variety of colours ranging from transparent and colourless to black.
  • The gem is considered as a valuable source of natural fluoride, which is the reason why people in the 18th century crushed it in powder and ingested it with water as a medicine.
  • Fluorite is the official gemstone of Illinois.
  • It rates only 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is makes it a fragile stone.
  • It belongs to the halide family.

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