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Get bigger diamonds and better sparkles! Here’s a collection you can’t help but fall in love with. If diamonds are your best friends, then this is where you need to be. Take a look at all the fabulous creations that we have in store for you, which give you the big diamond bling at incredible pocket-friendly prices. Browse to find your next companion for life!

Our featured Magnum Collection is for all the bling that’s big. The word “magnum” originates from Latin and is for anything that’s great in size. And it’s so aptly used for everything that we have in store. The mighty sparkle of our pieces is modest yet extravagant. With delightful designs and illustrious make, these pickings will take your breath and make you a trendsetter for sure.

Diamonds are forever but this selection will entice you for life! These glittering pieces have been cleverly crafted for a unique look and grand sparkle. The trick is the use of illusion plates. A neat surrounding of faceted and moulded metal surrounds the centre diamond, giving the illusion of a grander-sized stone. Whet your appetite if you’re looking for bigger diamond shine at a comparatively lower price. Look at the collection that’s here to make the rage in trends:


There’s absolutely nothing more lush, promising, and graceful as the diamond bling at your neck. Our picks for necklaces in the Magnum Collection bring big diamond treats for a grander show. The illusion plates girdle the centre diamond, making it look larger because of clever faceting. If you want the magical allure of a stunning big-sized diamond at your neck, then this is it for you!


There’s nothing as spectacular as wearing enormous diamonds are your ears. Our incredible Magnum Collection brings you just that with a neat new trick. Get the illusion of a bigger and better diamond at your ears, all thanks to the cleverly shaped and faceted metal plating that matches the shine of the stone.


Your fashion is the best with your flair. Our collection of rings brings you the delight of mammoth-sized diamonds, all yours for the take. These selections flaunt the rich and sparkling moulding of illusion plates that expand the bling of diamonds, making it look larger and more extravagant! Get stylish designs and promising bling, all moulded in tasteful adornments that we have for you. Take your best pick here!

There’s a lot more to look forward to with our extraordinary online Magnum Collection at TJC. Swathe on the illustrious diamond magic and be the centre of all the complimenting attention. Choose from a range that’s truly never-ending and find pieces that are everything that’s you. Ranging from simple and minimalistic designs to the fancy and grandeur-filled ones, there’s truly something for everyone and it all waits for you!

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