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Winter Skincare Routine: 4 Easy Steps

As much as we love the warm and cosy vibe of winters, their adverse affect on our skin makes us worry and dread the season’s frosty weather. We bring to you a quick winter skincare routine to involve in your daily regime so that you can triumph over the dry, rough and flaky skin and maintain your supple and youthful radiance.

Taking care of your skin is extremely important which most of us learn the hard way! But having a supple and youthful radiance is a dream many people dream of and wish to achieve. Some people try many products which do not work wonders as they claim but a basic simple 4-step skincare routine for winters will keep your skin healthy and dewy.

The very first step to beginning your winter skincare routine should be that it has to be different than that of your summer routine.


With our constant exposure to the dirt, grime, pollution we are exposed to toxins and substances that clog our pores. Even the sebum excreted by our skin gest mixed with dirt and dust to clog our pores. To start your winter skincare routine, one musty always clean your skin thoroughly. We know its very cold and we barely like to indulge in getting out of our bed, let alone laying our hands on products to clean our skin, but its extremely crucial. The idea behind choosing a cleanser should be to suit your skin’s need and type. Indulge in a variety or type that will give you a thorough cleanse and let your moisturisers and serums seep through easily to benefit the skin and nourish it thoroughly.


It is indeed a noted fact that skin tends to get flaky and dry in the winter and colder weather, but an exfoliate once in every two weeks is a must to give your skin a breather of all the dirt and grime it has clogged in. A gentle exfoliation not only gets rid of the dead skin along with dirt but is also prepared to be nourished easily again and absorbs all nutrients well with its unclogged pores. Things to keep in mind while choosing an exfoliator to suit your winter skincare routine is that it should not dry out your skin, rather it should also provide some nourishment as it cleanses your skin.


The importance of moisturizing and feeding your skin the right nutrition which is apt for your skin has been emphasized time and again. Our summer and winter moisturizing should be different as summers need light moisturization whereas winters call for an intense one. As compared to the gel or water based ones that we use in the warmer months of the year, one should move to oil based or cream based lotions and creams that will lock in the hydration through the colder months and provide your skin the much needed nourishment it needs. Ensuring that also includes SPF, it would be a good pick as while stepping out, the rays do tend to harm the skin even though it is not to sunny. Moisturizing especially at night is very helpful for the skin to stay healthy as at night our cells get repaired and our skin is able to absorb the benefits of the moisturizer or serum better.


With the cold outside and the artificial warm heating inside, our skin tends to become dry without us even noticing. We also tend to consume less water and liquids that will balance out the suppleness of our skin. So, it is very important to ensure that you try to consume as much of liquids that you can while also ensuring that you do not leave your skin dry at all. Involving face masks into your winter skincare regime is also a very good idea to ensure nourishment and hydration of the skin.

We have entered the fall season and with winters just around the corner, one should get prepping to keep their skin healthy with an immense variety of products that we house for you to suit your preference for easily available winter skincare products online. To suit the weather conditions around you, the steps discussed above will be very helpful for maintaining the beauty and nourishment whether it is harsh cold outside or sultry hot, you needn’t worry!