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TJC Reviews

Real Reviews from Real Customers

I have bought lot of different things from TJC over the past 4 or 5 years and I always feel like I get really good quality products at fantastic low prices. I would recommend shopping with them to anyone, especially these days as the price of living is so high and you can purchase most things through budget pay. I love the fact that TJC are providing a meal to a child each time a purchase is made.

Marion - Glasgow

08 October 2021

Great quality products and value for money and fast delivery and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

07 October 2021

I won't normally buy shoes or clothes from tjc but these are quality at good prices.

Shirley - Hull

06 October 2021

Just as pictured and exactly what I wanted.

Rita - Donegal Town Ireland

05 October 2021

Fun auctions at affordable prices, beautiful little treasures to wear, excellently made and well placed gems, nothing has fallen out from the numerous bits I've bought. The packaging is lovely and makes it easy to store and look after.

Libertylil - Greenhithe Kent

04 October 2021

I buy several items a week! I’m a true TJC aholic! Fabulous deals available. Never a problem at all,so so glad I found you during lockdown whilst I was flicking channels!! Now I’d addicted. Keep up the good work TJC!!

Mandie - Lincoln

03 October 2021

Always good buys been with them 14 years very happy look at jewellery making as well chanel.

ELEANOR - Doncaster

02 October 2021

Oh definitely have affection with what i have ordered. Rings and love everything I have absolutely confidence with everything ordered. Not disappointed with everything I have. Thank you.

Elaine - Hull

01 October 2021

Everything is simple and easy to follow. I always order online from the live shows in the early hours.

Frances - Milton Keynes

30 September 2021

I love buying from TJC xx beautiful jewellery at excellent prices xx.

Deborah - Glasgow

29 September 2021

A very positive experience on the whole. They promote a wide variety of things which appeal as well as their jewelry. The jewelry is amazing value mostly. I like most of the presenters who speak clearly and honestly. Only one gabbles fast and runs her words into one another so it's hard to process the content.Maybe it's a speech impediment? Most things are excellent quality and delivered in great time on their special delivery service.

Sara - Devon

28 September 2021

Lots of great choice, great quality and great price.

Sheila - Lancashire

27 September 2021

I bought from TJC website which had a good variety of items to choose from, very easy to order, good description of item and delivered promptly.

Sylvia - Wandsworth

26 September 2021

Tjc are the best Jewellery ,shopping channel I have ever come across for great value quality variety have bought loads from them and will continue to shop with such a great channel.

Merele - Carrickfergus Co Antrim

25 September 2021

Love shopping with TJC value for money quality items.

AnnMarie Sargent - Henley

24 September 2021

Love tjc great prices great quality.

Nan - Glasgow

23 September 2021

TJC is the best company to deal with when you return an item there is no scrutiny as to why you have returned it and you receive your return money in about 6 to 7 days once they have notified you that they have received the returned item. Will carry on dealing with TJC.

Ruth - Wetherby

22 September 2021

They are polite and respectful. The presenters are very knowledgeable and work hard to sell the products.

Kaya - Worcester Park

22 September 2021

I have bought on many occasions and rarely have had to return the jewellery.

Sunila - Wembley

21 September 2021

Always good priced gold lovely designs and speedy delivery

Teresa - Glasgow

20 September 2021

Very happy with your selection and very friendly.

Christine - Wilmslow Handforth

19 September 2021

I have bought several pieces of jewellery since being recommended by a relative, some expensive pieces and some costume jewellery, in all cases they have been dispatched quickly, arrived beautifully packaged and in most cases have been better than expected. My husband and I both enjoy tuning in to watch the programme.

Devina - Somerset

18 September 2021

Been shopping with TJC for many years. Fabulous jewellery and lifestyle products. Have bought lots of both. Great during pandemic as you gave us what we needed. Thanks TJC

Marie - London

17 September 2021

Just watched the channel by chance and saw the ring and thought I'd send for one to see if I liked it. It arrived very promptly and was just a lovely as it seemed on TV. I would definitely buy from you again.

Carole Rosewarne - Leicester

16 September 2021

I have been shopping with TJC for a while, and I am very happy with all of my purchases.

Carol - Birmingham

15 September 2021

I always love shopping with TJC so much choice also in recent months the delivery is turbo fast, quality is exceptional and very easy to work with, let me have my split pay back and I will be really really happy ❣️

Amanda - Lerwick Shetland

14 September 2021

Great customer service, ordered easily and insured for replacement or money back when bought with TJC plus.

Deborah - Bradford

13 September 2021

I have been buying from TJC FOR SEVERAL YEARS and have always been satisfied with everything I have purchased.

Margaret North - Manchester

12 September 2021

always great prices and great products, delivered on time and always well packed.

Paul - Margate

11 September 2021

Great quality products and value for money and fast delivery and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

10 September 2021

Can't fault tjc at all you are one of the most best shopping channels out and I would recommend you to all my friends and family.

CRAIG - Dronfied

09 September 2021

This was my first purchase from TJC I'm very happy with it. I would recommend.

Susan - Broadstairs

08 September 2021


Wendy - Burnham South Bucks

07 September 2021


Wendy - Burnham South Bucks

06 September 2021

Shopped with them for some years now always with great satisfaction.

Trina - Buckinghamshire

05 September 2021

They are efficient, competitive and affordable. I also like that you can pay by instalments.

June - Plymouth

04 September 2021

An excellent first shopping experience with TJC which most definately will be the first of many!

Vivien - Hull

03 September 2021

Easy ordering Quick delivery i I like the way you now notify When a flexi payment is due and for which item.


02 September 2021


ALAN - Doncaster

01 September 2021

Very happy with all products bought from TJC and will continue to buy from in the future.

Mel - York

31 August 2021

Easy to order. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Excellent service and quality.

Joyce - Leeds

30 August 2021

Tjc are just the best and a company you can trust.

Kayhleen - Malmesbury

29 August 2021

Easy to purchase. Reasonable prices and reasonable delivery times.

Rachel - Sunderland

28 August 2021

They are ok if you are looking for something different I have been with them for 15years now just give them a go and see for yourself

Linda - Creswell Worksop Notts

27 August 2021

Excellent service, on time delivery.

Mair - Dinas Cross Pembrokeshire Wales

26 August 2021

Great value for money & love browsing the Auctions.

Caroline - Arundel

25 August 2021

Many purchases over the years and products are always 1st Class. In addition the Jewellery is brilliant and great value for money. Don’t change TJC your a terrific Company.

MARGARET - Sandbach Cheshire

24 August 2021

Always helpful I've brought some great items and great prices totally recomend many thanks to all involved.

Donna - Bury St Edmunds Suffokk

23 August 2021

Great quality products and great service.

Marinella - London

22 August 2021

Overall very good. products are usually of good value and true to word.

Gwen - Birmingham

21 August 2021

Always had a good response whenever ordering or having a query with TJC 

Keith - Enfield

20 August 2021

I love TJC and all the products are amazing and exceptional value. Delivery is quick and efficient. If I have had a problem it has quickly been resolved. Can't fault any part of TJC. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Donna - Wednesbury

19 August 2021

I am relatively new to TJC and have bought some wonderful things already. I really enjoy watching TJC on TV especially the expert Tony from Brazil. He presents magnificent gems in a magical way which make's me dissolve into the gemstone he is speaking about - he has a gift. TJC tend to sell up market jewellery in the main and everything is so beautiful. They also have sale prices and I have seen a Pearl pendant which I would love and at a great price. The photo graphics of the items for sale on the website is really good. You can see what you are getting which is great. Well done to all you guys at TJC.

Jan - Manchester

18 August 2021

Presenters excellent especially Chole Marshall I find if she is selling products it is very likely I buy from her.

Lesley - Thetford Ip243pw

17 August 2021

Customer services were really helpful at helping with an address issue.. my first purchase went really smoothly, the items I bought are fab and will buy again.

Rebecca - Newport

16 August 2021

I google searched for a platinum 16inch chain and a few retailers came up. TJC had the product I was looking for in stock and at a very reasonable price. I placed my order, had confirmed and it was delivered speedily and very well packaged.


15 August 2021

Ordered a few times. Great service. Ordered and delivered exactly as described. No worries at all.

Gillian - Lanarkshire

14 August 2021

I have only been a customer with TJC for a few months and the few items I have purchased and kept I am very happy with. Ordering is straight forward, deliveries are efficient, and returns are promptly refunded. Whenever I have had to speak with customer service I found them helpful and polite.

Dee - Leamington Spa

13 August 2021

I am always pleased with my purchases from TJC. Can't fault them. Well done.

Pauline - Nottingham

12 August 2021

Good quality products at reasonable prices.

Helen - Stoke On Trent

11 August 2021

LOVING TJC!!!! I have never shopped on tv before but during the lockdown I found you guys and I’m so happy I did!! AMAZING range of products the jewellery is to die for and the beauty products that are available,absolutely brilliant ranges, good old well known high end brands and new ones to try, and I also like the payment options, I just LOVE shopping with you!!

Ruthy - Cleethorpes

10 August 2021

Great quality products and value for money and fast delivery.

Susan - Merseyside

09 August 2021

I love TJC there items are good value & always no problems even when don’t like. Highly recommend Chanel xx

Jacqueline - Cannock

08 August 2021

I love TJC there items are good value & always no problems even when don’t like. Highly recommend Chanel xx

Jacqueline - Cannock

07 August 2021

Been a customer of Tjc for years . I think it's good value for money . Not been let down in any way yet . They really listen to the customer.

Gail - Wirral Cheshire

06 August 2021

It was easy and the phone people were helpful and friendly

Paula - Doncaster

05 August 2021

Always a good deal value for money. Well packaged and quick delivery.

Sheila - Derby

04 August 2021

Everything I have bought, clothes, electrical goods, skincare etc has exceeded my expectations. Tjc is now my favourite shopping channel.

Susan - Nottinghamshire

03 August 2021

Bought many items from TJC, not just jewelry. Good prices and product's.

Haylinggirl10 - Hayling Island

02 August 2021

Quality products and quality service, always pleased and excited with my purchases.

Rose - Kessingland Lowestoft Suffolk

01 August 2021

It’s all great! From ordering to TJC plus, to variety of products available. If you’ve never used TJC why not!!

Mandie - Lincoln

31 July 2021

Many items I have bought are such good value and beautiful jewelry.

Maureen - Swineshead

30 July 2021

As ways the ease of looking and buying was made easy. Service and delivery was quick.

Debra - Birmingham Uk

29 July 2021

Arrived in a lovely box in a very quick delivery time period. Box was well presented and not bashed as can happen on occasions. Very happy with this purchase.


28 July 2021

I have bought quite a few items now and have been really pleased with all of them.

Christine - Stockport

27 July 2021

Lovely jewellery at a good price. Any issues customer service has helped resolve.

Eileen - Blyth

26 July 2021

I have shopped with TJC for many years I can confidently and honestly say that their products are good value and customer services have been polite and extremely helpful always.

Vanesser - Penzance

25 July 2021

Ordered over the internet, very easy site to work through. So easy to order from and items arrived on time and well packaged.

Angela - Warwickshire

24 July 2021

Very rarely have I had a product that I have had to return. Always handled smoothly and quickly.

Janet - Oxford

23 July 2021

I have bought jewellery and household things and they have all been as we expected.

Sandra - Great Yarmouth Norwich

22 July 2021

Enjoyed shopping with TJC for a few years, beautiful purchases that brings much joy into my life, thank you.

Frances - Caithness

21 July 2021

Always a pleasure to shop with TJC , look forward to more purchases.

CAROL - Plymouth

20 July 2021

I became a customer, many years ago, when TJC dealt only in jewellery. In the many world changes that have occurred since they have been able to diversify : to everyones advantage. It has become a very entertaining company and as well as offering good prices they are also very trustworthy.

Margaret - London

19 July 2021

I heave been na TJC customer from the start and have never been disappointed with any of my purchases thank you TJC.

AGNES - Lisburn

18 July 2021

I love dealing with this retailer. I've never had any problems from them. Customer Services are 'A' rated. Refunds are dealt with smoothly and swiftly. No complaints about tjc.


17 July 2021

Been shopping with TJC for 11 years and have had very few disappointments with them which usually are dealt with ok by customer service.

Catherine - Huddersfield

16 July 2021

I have recommended to lots of friends. You can shop for everything on TJC.

Elizabeth - Douglas

15 July 2021

Its a great unit and the price was great as well plus very quick delivery.

Michael - Crawley West Sx

14 July 2021

This company offers great jewellrey, beautiful designs, with great prices. Also budget makes this affordable for everyone. All other products are of excellent quality. There is so much to choose from. Excellent company. Customer service great, very friendly, deal with all queries. Would definitely recommend.

Andrea - Derbyshire

13 July 2021

first time buyer of products from tjc, delivery is quick and the product I bought is very good.


12 July 2021

Best jewellers on tv. I’ve not had any complaints and always been happy with what I’ve purchased. Lovely to be able to view from home.

MICHELLE - Scarborough

11 July 2021

Always a great experience Chloe always says what she thinks and it's always been good advice . Also love Mark .Andy. Chris.Chloe.The lady who pairs up wit a st who he calls lady have great rapport and comedy.Tony when he's on with his thunder deals

Susan - Rotherham

10 July 2021

It's easy to use whatever you're looking for, I particularly like the £1 bidding section, it's a good all rounder to be part of.

Joan - Tipton

10 July 2021

good selection, reasonable prices, easy to order.

JOY - Waterlooville

09 July 2021

Great experience shopping with TJC as I’ve been doing for many years. Prompt delivery.

Marie - London

08 July 2021

I have had a few items now .I have been very pleased with them .I am also happy children benifit from my purchase.

Isabel - Ashby De La Zouch

07 July 2021

Excellent customer service, polite and helpful lady took my call and dealt with me efficiently.

Deborah - Bradford

06 July 2021

I buy products from tjc all of the time. I've never been disappointed with any thing I've purchased.

Lorraine - Cardiff

05 July 2021

Have been shopping with them for a few years now .get really great service and quality and last but not least a lot of bargains.

Mary - Fife

04 July 2021

I have never had any complaints with the service from TJC, things arrive in time and I have always thought it was good value for money be it creams, clothes or jewellery.

Veronica - DUNDEE

03 July 2021

Very happy with this shopping Channel . Would Highly Recommend trying them.

Wendy - Yorkshire

02 July 2021

I’ve bought lots from TJC over the years and I’ve always been happy with my purchases. And now you can pay over 5 instalments it makes it a lot easier to buy everything you want.

Helen - Bridgend, South Wales

01 July 2021

Great quality items, super quick delivery and innovative products

Mary - Downham Market

01 July 2021

Great company.All jewellrey and other products are of high quality, and offer reasonable prices. The budget pay system makes things affordable. Customer service excellent. Would recommend.

Andrea - Derbyshire

30 June 2021

My experience with TJC was extremely easy and no problems whatsoever, I have bought from them before, and will definitely buy again.

Christine - Surrey

29 June 2021

Great value for money and items are delivered on time , I will buy again.

Audrey - OMAGH

28 June 2021

Great shopping channel and everything authentic at reduced prices.

Sarah Mary - Blantyre Glasgow

27 June 2021

Customer service is so very much a big part of w TJC. Thanks & keep doing what you all do best for us. Joanne Rudd

Joanne - Belfast

26 June 2021

I have bought many things from TJC and have been very pleased with all the items.

Annita - Portlethen, Aberdeen

25 June 2021

Great service , delivered very quickly. Ordered online and split pays as well. What more could you ask for

Suzanne - Manchester

24 June 2021

Have ordered previously and have ordered since. Only once have I had a problem and that was due to me ordering wrong size. I find the customer service team lovely people and do all they can to help. The quality of goods are high.

Elaine - County Durham

23 June 2021



22 June 2021

Anything I have ever purchased are very good quality at great prices i would highly advice people not to hesitate on buying your goods.

Carol - Glasgow

21 June 2021

Great helpful company, no problems or issues if you have to return anything, for any reason Highly recommend and always great deals

SUSAN - Essex

20 June 2021

I'm a regular buyer.great products,great value and helpful,prompt customer services.wide range of items delivered on time,well packaged.

Elizabeth - Maidstone

19 June 2021

I bought this ring in the £1 auctions. I simply am astounded at the price I got it for. A little treat for myself. The website is easy to navigate and bidding on the auctions is easy too. You get notifications if you have been outbid so that you can go back and up your offer if you choose to. Overall a great experience. Thank you TJC.


18 June 2021

My experience is mostly good. I think you get great value for money and the budget pays are really helpful and have enabled me to buy many varying items.

Lynne - York

17 June 2021

I have purchased from TJC many many times now and have consistently found that both the quality and value is absolutely outstanding. Thank you TJC.

Diana - Essex

16 June 2021

I have bought quite a few items and have never had to send anything back have always been extremely happy with all my purchases.

Amanda - Erdington Birmingham

15 June 2021

Excellent company. All jewellrey and other products, are of lovely quality. Very reasonable prices. Items arrive well packaged, and on time. Would definitely recommend this company. Customer service team, very friendly and helpful.

Andrea - Derbyshire

14 June 2021

Bought a few items recently and been very pleased with all of them. Great value for money.

Mel - York

13 June 2021

I've been buying from tjc since 2012 and have a beautiful collection would always recommend looking here first for value for money

Kim - North Yorkshire

12 June 2021

Orders sent promptly ,well packaged. Returns incredibly promptly dealt with. Prices very competitive.

Ann - Sidmouth

11 June 2021

Great quality products and value for money and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

10 June 2021

First time I've used TJC and it's now my first 'go to' place for bargains. Highly recommend.

Sonia - Wolverhampton

09 June 2021

This purchase lead to me winniñgauction off another ring very very reasonable happy

Halina Melanie - Derbyshire

08 June 2021

TJC is a wonderful shopping company. It’s always a joy to see them on the television and even browsing on the website etc is effortlessly navigated.

Ricky - Norfolk

07 June 2021

I love TJC. The quality and value of your jewellery is out of this World. Breath taking. I love every purchase, I buy from you. Each item, tells me a different story. I own the most beautiful collection and am just proud to own so many, different styles and vale. Items ranging from £6.99 to £400 and they are all outstandingly beautiful. All my love always, to all, who work at TJC. I always receive a mixture of emotions, tears of Joy and Happiness. I have two more great value rings on the way and will be eagerly awaiting their arrival too. The customer service and product quality, really is outstanding. Thank you so much, from a truly very Happy Joy. :) xx


06 June 2021

Love the shopping Chanel have got so much stuff and some items you get on budget pay which has been a great help so you don’t miss out on anything.

Michelle - Colchester

05 June 2021

Beautiful jewelleries at affordable prices. With every item purchased is a free meal for a child.

Guillian - SANDHURST

04 June 2021

Excellent website. Great bargains to be had via £1 auctions. Good communication. Secure delivery.

Susan - Dalgety Bay

03 June 2021

I have been getting jewellery from tjc for a number of years now and I have always loved my items. My daughters call me a jewellery addict.

Wendy - Runcorn

02 June 2021

As usual it was a pleasure. The quality of products is excellent. The value is unbeatable.

Doreen - Dinas Powys

01 June 2021

first time buyer and pleased with service.

Barbara - Liverpool

31 May 2021

Always good value for money,but made extremely well and look amazing

Elena - Wirral

30 May 2021

hassle free experience bought and received with no issues and email updates were sent I could also track progress through my online tjc account

Cj - Fife

29 May 2021

Quality products at reasonable prices, excellent service in all ways.

Gordon - Port Talbot

28 May 2021

I love the shopping experience will buy from them again got my eye on a lot of items.

Linda - Newark, Notts

27 May 2021

Ditto, ditto just a good company to deal with and nice items to buy at good prices.

Maureen - Swineshead

26 May 2021

I've already told friends and family about tjc and shown some of the products I've bought

Wendy - Monmouthshire

25 May 2021

Amazing value for money! Thanks TJC ... definitely shop again and again and again!!

Sandra - Bridport

24 May 2021

Great value for money. Fast delivery and any problems are sorted fairly quickly.

Helen - Lincoln

23 May 2021

I have shopped at TJC for some time now and have been pleased with everything I have bought


22 May 2021

I've shipped with TJC for over 10yrs and I plan on shopping with them for as long as they are open , the jewellery is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't shop anywhere else

Amanda - TELFORD

21 May 2021

I have always ordered online so can only comment on that. Items have always been delivered within the stated timescale and are well packaged. Have recommended to friends.

Marina - Clydebank

20 May 2021

So professional, helpful and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble, thank you everyone.

Lynne - Ashton-Under- Lyne

19 May 2021

The whole experience of purchasing jewellery is very straight-forward: place your order, wait for it to arrive and any queries/concerns etc. are dealt with efficiently via customer services. So far, all my purchases have been very good value for money so I am completely satisfied...thank-you TJC!

Jean - Manchester

18 May 2021

TJC has always been extremely good ,Ive been a customer for over 10yrs and the jewellery is amazing and the prices are very good . I would recommend TJC to anyone.

Amanda - TELFORD

18 May 2021

I love everything ive ever purchased from Tjc excellent, quality and service and so speedy delivering excellent.

Fiona - Andover

14 May 2021

I love everything ive ever purchased from Tjc excellent, quality and service and so speedy delivering excellent.

Fiona - Andover

13 May 2021

The best online shopping the quality of their products is excellent.

Clarice - LONDON

12 May 2021

TJC are simply great, I have been shopping with them now for years and have never had a single problem, the items are great quality and the value for money is amazing.


11 May 2021

Shopped with TJC a good few years now and have loved everything i have bought all ways good value for money

CAROL - Tyne And Wear

10 May 2021

Friendly and like talking to a relative from the starting of your order to the delivery. And the way TJC contacts you up to date when those special offers prices you would not get any where else and all this delivered to your door with out going out thank you 

Linda - South Moor Stanley Co/Durham

09 May 2021

Always enjoy shopping with TJC. Recommend it to all my friends. In fact, the prices are so good I often give some away so they can enjoy it as well:)

Kathleen - Lancaster

08 May 2021

Products and Jewellry is outstanding value, and great quality..


07 May 2021

I have used TJC many times in the past and would definately use them again.

Elaine - Rotherham

06 May 2021

Smooth transaction. Speedy delivery and excellent value for money.

Jacqueline - Newcastle Upon Tyne

05 May 2021

Rang customer services and they dealt with problem straight away. Very impressed with them.

Lorraine - Manchester

04 May 2021

Every single piece of jewellery I've purchased is perfect i have a wonderful collection of Swarovski I adore it and not a single piece has been disappointing all perfect absolutely beautiful and the value for money is wonderful so I can keep my collection growing.

Theresa - Brecon

03 May 2021

I have told a few friends and they have loved all of them.

Carole - Birmingham

02 May 2021

Always treated well with good value and returns policy.

Vivienne - Hitchin

01 May 2021

I've been shopping with TJC for a few year's and i have been happy with all my items.


30 April 2021

I’ve bought numerous items for myself and presents for family not once been disappointed.

Angela - Manchester

29 April 2021

TJC is the only place I'd buy jewelry from its got the most amazing jewellery at fantastic prices, I've been shopping at TJC for 11yrs and I have a beautiful collection of jewellery.

Amanda - Telford

29 April 2021

TJC is a great shopping experience . All the presenters are very knowledgeable . custmer service lovely too.

Wendy - Yorkshire

28 April 2021

Great service, fast delivery... Been shopping a long, long time with TJC which says a lot!

Free Eagle - Hampshire

27 April 2021

Not a week goes by without me ordering. Speaks for itself. Love the budget pays. I have 22 jewellery boxes as been ordering since day one 15 years ago. Presenters are fun too.

Avril - Leven

27 April 2021

Excellent service, quality products and speedy delivery

Christine - Leeds

26 April 2021

TJC is the place to buy.

Beverley - Braintree

25 April 2021

The TJC Care team are always so nice kind and friendly and willing to help with any questions you may have.

Jane - Suffolk

24 April 2021

The TJC Care team are always so nice kind and friendly and willing to help with any questions you may have.

Jane - Suffolk

24 April 2021

TJC is a well organised, dependable company, has great products , items always well packed and secure, delivers on time, I have never had a bad experience when shopping with TJC...


23 April 2021

Always very happy with TJC and they sell a lot f beautiful items at very affordable prices.

Janet - Sunderland

22 April 2021

TJC transactions are smooth and efficient with fast delivery! Easy payment option to choose too! Will always purchase from them in the future.

Julie - Bridgend

21 April 2021

I have already recommended TJC to family and friends even my radioaugrapher, she said i make a good sales pitch for TJC.

Mary - Coatbridge

20 April 2021

Been shopping with them for a few years now,and will continue to do so there prices can’t be beaten.great company to shop with.

Mary - Fife

19 April 2021

Beautiful jewelleries at great price. Friendly customer service.

Guillian - SANDHURST

18 April 2021

I haven't had anything to complain about I had one enquiry which was resolved promptly.

Grace - Burnley Lancashire

17 April 2021

If you love your jewellery then TJC have a wonderful choice, for yourself and friends/family

Thelma - Isle Of Wight

16 April 2021

TJC is a Very easy shopping experience to use by phone pad or phone a order in ... Very good with quality & prices.

Wendy - Yorkshire

15 April 2021

TJC are an excellent company with excellent values, (recently suspended broadcast in deference to the death of Prince Philip, to honour the Queen. I heartily approved of this action - well done TJC.) Also excellent value with prices to suit all and easy split payments to help make some less affordable pieces become more reachable for the masses, not just the elite few! Very good quality, I have only sent back 6 items in 14 years of being a TJC customer for quality issues, I have purchased hundreds of items - jewellery, personal items, skin care, homeware, cosmetics and have been absolutely delighted each time. Staff are lovely, presenters are charming and nothing is too much trouble for them to assist with. Well Done TJC!

Rhya - Canterbury

14 April 2021

Excellent prices value for money great presentations quick delivery. Best shopping channel available.

TIM - Writtle

13 April 2021

I only buy online , the site is super easy to use , would highly recommend.

Terri - Redruth

12 April 2021

I regularly shop here and purchase from all the tjc selection all very pleased with the goods delivery and presentation great products.


11 April 2021

Always puts a smile.on my wife's face. She really enjoys Tony's presentations.

David - Thetford

10 April 2021

All At Tjc...Are Very Professional.. All Products Are 1st Class.. Guaranteed  Presenters.. Enthusiastic In Their Recommendations  Overall Tjc Best Company on Tv FOR ...Prices And Products ... Always..First Class  Without Doubt.. Best.. !!. Thank You, Rose 

Rose - Barton Seagrave

09 April 2021

Excellent products and presenters. And a very helpful and kind customer service.

Joan - London

08 April 2021

Tjc has good verity of products at affordable prices

Jacqueline - Surrey

07 April 2021

Love all products recieved Some great presenters very informative, One with lisp babbles on about nothing & loud, another brunette also rambles on about every but products so tend to switch TV over when these two are on, Otherwise love tjc.

Joanne - Norfolk

06 April 2021

Always quick delivery always amazing prices always there for when your ready to shop

Lynda - Blackwood Gwent

05 April 2021

Fantastic range suitable for all ages. Would and do highly recommend.

Elaine - Liverpool

03 April 2021

as always trusty worthy to give excellent quality and service Thank you.

Rosemary - Worthing

02 April 2021

I have been shopping with T J C for a long time now and have never been disappointed.

Peter - Lurgan

01 April 2021

I have with TJC for a long time now and will continue when I see something I would like to buy.


31 March 2021

Good description of item arrived within 3 days. Kept regularly informed on delivery date and time. Value for money is excellent. Presented in a nice box with certificate.

Wendy - Doncaster

31 March 2021

Great choices good prices and very good customer service.

Marlene - Manchester

30 March 2021

Great service and prompt delivery and all the jewellery is great

Jean - Paisley

29 March 2021

I have purchased many things from tjc and have been treated well by all members of the company if I have had a problem it has been sorted fairly quickly, I find that the things that you sell are of great quality and value for money.

Coleen - Ipswich Suffolk

28 March 2021

Everything I have bought has been great, only one item to be returned as it was not big enough. They always come very well boxed and packed and always on time! Great company to buy from.

Angela - Kidderminster

27 March 2021

Great experience buying from tjc, would definitely recommend.

Gary - Peterlee Co Durham

26 March 2021

i have bought a few items now from TJC and i have always received items ordered quickly and without any fuss, they have an instalment payment available which is great and fantastic bargains on all items. love your goods. keep up the good work.

Elaine - Glasgow

25 March 2021

very good deals and TJC improved so much compared to the previous year.

Grzegorz - London

24 March 2021

Alway been good have been shopping with them for a few years now.

Mary - Fife

23 March 2021

I have bought from TJC before and am delighted with the shopping experience it’s quick and easy, and the best bit delivery is excellent as it’s quicker than estimated and you have a wonderful surprise when opening up your parcel as they look so much better than the tv gives them justice!

Nicole Samantha - Oswestry

22 March 2021

I have bought many items from tjc & love it. Thank you for the variety & great value.

Joyce - Manchester

22 March 2021

Good value for money,items always delivered in good packaging.

Karen - Saham Toney

21 March 2021

Second to none.. the quality of the jewellery supersedes everything with the best value. Great company! Highly recommended.


20 March 2021

All my experiences with TJC have been great everything has come on time and as seen on line amazing quality and value for money I will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

Alison - Liverpool

19 March 2021

I've been with TJC for 2 years! And wouldn't shop with any other site now! And believe me! They are the best!! Love you, TJC! Thank you for everything you do!! Xx

Sue - Widnes

18 March 2021

Love all aspects of tjc, great shows & presenters Customer services are excellent & very professional if have any queries or issues

Joanne - NORWICH

17 March 2021

I have purchased 5 items this month very pleased I love tjc

Isabella - Peterborough

16 March 2021

For me TJC is a Godsend. With so many products to choose from. with most retailers closed i can shop with confidence and know i am getting good value and quality. obviously being a shopping channel you can't try on before you buy. and returning items is not a worry. customer care team is extremely helpful and can resolve any query or problem. i enjoy watching the presenters and guests and can be very entertaining. thank you TJC for all you do.


15 March 2021

I've bought quite a few items from TJC. Tentatively at first but my experience of the quality of the items, the dilgence and efficiency of the company has proved I can have complete confidence in any future purchases. Quality is second to none.

Ann - Portsmouth

14 March 2021

Fast service with clear item descriptions and instructions given by the presenters, who are a joy to watch. Natural presenters who share their experiences with the items they sell.

Tricia - Edinburgh

13 March 2021

TJC have always been helpful so far,when I have contacted them about my orders. My opal ring is so beautiful,really good quality and looks good on my finger.

Andrea - East Midlands

12 March 2021

I love the products, i love the packaging, friendly staff, a great channel with warmable presenters

Joanne - Ballycastle

11 March 2021

Great service- very user friendly online shopping experience- thank you

Julianne - Basildon

10 March 2021

Always good even if the purchase is not suitable. Very fast delivery and refunds. After 14 years I would definitely recommend them.

Jane - Devon

09 March 2021

Spoilt for choice. Great prices. Returns process is great and I don't worry I will be waiting months for a refund. As a result I spend considerably more with TJC than any other TV shopping channel. Staff are helpful too.

Tracy - Sunderland

08 March 2021

Haven't been disappointed with any of my purchases

Mary - Edinburgh

07 March 2021

Always happy with everything I have bought from this site.Will continue to buy.

Kathleen - Ebbw Vale

06 March 2021

I am new to this channel and I am enjoying buying from it very much.

Ruth - Kent

05 March 2021

I have bought many item from the over the years all my Xmas and birthday presents love all your shows thankyou

Maureen - Exeter

04 March 2021

Have been buying for several years now and have never had any problems!

Carmela - Bedford

03 March 2021

Have ordered many items from TJC and have never been disappointed with product or presentation.

Joan - Montrose

02 March 2021

Ease of bidding and quick delivery. Good-great value for money. Variety of precious and semi-precious gems to enhance any outfit.


01 March 2021

I love tjc wouldent buy from any wear else. Nothing to much trouble. It's great.

Christine - Loughborough

28 February 2021

Excellent service pleased to help with return pleased with my purchases excellent value for money Thankyou.

Jacquelyn - Ossett

27 February 2021

Great quality products and value for money and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

26 February 2021

Excellent service love TJC,it's like family Excellent service,I love TJC it's a family-friendly company

Frances - Port Talbot

25 February 2021

This is an excellent company which sells quality products at outstanding prices. There has been an improvement in the presentations on television recently with the arrival of presenter Andy Hodgson, who has brought humour and greater interest to the whole buying process. Recommended.

Ian - Camborne

24 February 2021

This is an excellent company which sells quality products at outstanding prices. There has been an improvement in the presentations on television recently with the arrival of presenter Andy Hodgson, who has brought humour and greater interest to the whole buying process. Recommended.

Ian - Camborne

23 February 2021

Ordered on a Sunday and it was delivered on the Monday, next day couldn't believe it was delivered so quickly.


22 February 2021

TJC are an excellent channel lots of choice great prices.

Peggy - Gloucester

21 February 2021

Everything I have ordered has been good value so far.

Jennifer - Wales

20 February 2021

Love TJC always delivers. Very pleased with all my purchases.

Pauline - Feltham

19 February 2021

I love the value and the choice. Something for all budgets.

Ben - Brighton

18 February 2021

Easy to order on line or when on tv and quick delivery. Good choice of products and great presenters.

Patricia - Clitheroe

17 February 2021

Over the past few years shopping with Tjc. I like the service to feed a child, meal challenge, and so on. TJC always deliver. Keep up your good work.


16 February 2021

I have shopped with TJC for years and have always been satisfied with the quality.

Wendy - Wentworth, Rotherham

15 February 2021

Great shopping with TJC quick delivery have not disappointed yet no problems.

Beverley - Higham Ferrers

14 February 2021

Great value for money and keep you up to date with your delivery.

Mary - North Lanarkshire

13 February 2021

Have bought quite a lot from TJC over the last few weeks and have been happy with most of it. A couple of times I have had to ring about damaged or faulty items and my calls have always been handled really well by courteous people, so I've got no complaints and will buy from them again.

Gillian - Stoke-On-Trent

12 February 2021

This was my first purchase and I have already made a second purchase. Very happy with the service.

Sharon - Ilfracombe

11 February 2021


Eileen - GLASGOW

10 February 2021

Very good prices, quick delivery. Love the budget options

Nichola - West Yorkshire

09 February 2021

Good quality items securely packed and prompt fast delivery service.


08 February 2021

I have never had any problems with tjc, on the occasions when I have received something not as I expected I have been refunded and treated very well. The bag I just received was brilliant I'd score 10 out of 10 for service and quality on this item I've had several bags and been very pleased with them all.

Sandra - Mid Glamorgan

07 February 2021

First time I have bought and will certainly come back for more, their £1 auctions are amazing!


06 February 2021

I thought there would be a problem this year because of Brexit, but no issues at all. TJC delivers efficiently and prompt. Returns are dealt with in a professional manner with refunds issued in good time. Well done TJC.

Colette - Ballina, Co. Tipperary. Ireland.

05 February 2021

Fabulous jewellery, have many gorgeous pieces from favourite channel to go to.

Judy - Bristol

05 February 2021

I have bought quite a few items from you and they have all been of great quality. They have all been delivered on time or even earlier than expected. For a person who has quite a few expensive item s of jewellery I mix and match everyone who comments does so for all of it saying that they like it and where did I get it from.

Christine - Manchester

04 February 2021

I have told you about my experience with TJC so many times and nothing has changed mostly things are good very good value and delivered promptly

Sarah - Immingham

03 February 2021

It's the very 1st time I ordered from TJC but highly recommended I will be ordering again Thank you.

Ann Marie - Haverhill, Suffolk

02 February 2021

It is the same as always.It is so easy to order the products and I love the budget pay because without that I would not be able to afford the jewellery I have never had to phone you for any reason because every transaction has been so good.Please keep up the good work and the excellent products that you sell.I am one happy customer. Many thanks Janette Hayward.


01 February 2021

I purchased 4 items. All were delivered promptly, in perfect condition. I returned one item for personal reasons after seeing it on. My return was acknowledged on receipt by TJC, and good communication kept me up to date regarding my refund, at every stage, and confirming completion. First class customer service experience!

Lindsey - Kilwinning

31 January 2021

I love buying jewellery from TJC, it's my 1st go too. I rate TJC 100 out of 10, because you have something for everyone, no matter what they're price range, that's what I love about TJC, your dispatches and delivery are swift, would recommend anybody to buy TJC, they'll love it, I have already recommended tjc to my family, they love it, just as much as I do. So Thank you xx

Teresa - Dundee

30 January 2021

I love the jewellery l buy from TJC you can’t get it anywhere else and it really good value the sliver is so good and is made so well I have lots of silver bracelets from and watches from tjc.

Jacqueline - Wakefield

29 January 2021

Excellent as always. Ordered online. Process was quick and order came when expected. No issues.

Jacqueline - Newcastle Upon Tyne

28 January 2021

Love this company, have ordered more from them since purchasing the ring.

Margaret - Basildon

27 January 2021

I gave these earpods as a gift to my niece & she said they were so good I bought another pair for myself. I use TJC as the service is very good.

Kathleen - Luton Beds

26 January 2021

I have shopped with TJC for 10 years they have always been brilliant I highly recommend them.

Jane - Harrogate

26 January 2021

I have now received my 3rd piece of jewellery from TJC. Good quality every time. Brilliant prices, and it's great to know you can now spread the payments, over time.

Lorraine - West Sussex

25 January 2021

It just gets better each week, I love that it's not just jewellery.

Pamela - Hull

24 January 2021

Have had some fantastic products from TJC great prices and super quick delivery. This bra is definitely not one of my favourite purchases.

Mary - Downham Market

23 January 2021

Spent thousands of £'s on this channel,love it,buy a few things every wk,I've become a shopoholic.

Maureen - Manchester

22 January 2021

A brilliant company glad I joined great products and great prices I tell everyone and they to have now joined.

Sandra - Burystedmunds

21 January 2021

Always great service. Good quality items at affordable prices. Genuine gemstones, a lot of which are rare.also like the one for one programme.

Sandra - Shrewsbury

20 January 2021

A really good experience , any time of day. The presenters are very knowledgeable and sincere about any products presented. Some stunning bargains ! A bit addictive!

Sara - Tw95xw

19 January 2021



18 January 2021

Brought many items from tjc and all of been of great affordable quality keep up the great work to all the presenters,staff and the warehouse team.

Timothy - Walsall

17 January 2021

Purchased on the missed it line . Call centre very helpful in finding the right ring as I didn't have a ref no. Very pleased with the service.

John - Chessington

16 January 2021

I've bought a few things and find Tjc a great company to deal with the jewellery is packed so nicely in its own attractive bag and other items are well packed ,returns are very easy ,what more can you ask for ! With the low prices you are a winner.

Sylvia - Barry Vale Of Glamorgan

15 January 2021

I have bought many lovely bargain price pieces of jewellery from this company, to treat myself and received some lovely presents from my husband via them, including an incredible Columbian emerald ring and a multi sapphire gold bracelet. They always undercut the prices of their biggest TV shopping channels, and all you have to do is be savvy about the size / scale of the jewellery pieces you buy, and watch how they look when the presenters try them on. The waiting time on postage is usually about 4 to 5 days, and it gives you something to look forward to. Buy with them all you want, just don't be tempted to spend over budget by splitting payments for too many items in one month. Set a budget, because buying with this company can be addictive!

Sara - West Sussex

14 January 2021

TJC is a model for other compagnies. I buy a lot from TJC, and if any issue the representatives are always, always there to resolve my issue to the very best. So I always buy with confidence and peace of mind.

LATIFA - Croydon

13 January 2021

Brilliant friendly company to purchase from Great variety of items at prices suitable to everyone budget.

Joanne - NORWICH

12 January 2021

I have shopped with TJC for years and the products have always been of very good quality.

Marilyn - Whitburn

11 January 2021

I love TJC. The presenters are lovely, explain about the items very well. It's great you can pop a text to them, they read it out.

Tracy - Glasgow

10 January 2021

I have been buying from TJC for a very long time and hardly ever have to return things. Very happy with this shopping channel.

Lynda - Tonyrefail, Porth

09 January 2021

I have brought lots of different things from TJC and have always been very pleased with my pick ,the delivery has always been good also I have now joined the delivery plus as think I will be buying from TJC again very soon.


08 January 2021

everything I buy is of the highest quality and reasonably priced.


07 January 2021

Goods always delivered promptly. What you see is what you get. If you have to call customer service, they are always very helpful.

Margaret - Canvey Island

06 January 2021

Have been shopping with TJC for many years. Brilliant products and sale prices are fantastic. Products arrive quickly.

Marie - London

04 January 2021

Always find good quality products at fair prices. Not had any problems with delivery since I've been buying from TJC and so far never sent anything back

Diana - Accrington

03 January 2021

What can I say about tjc excellent

Linda - Norfolk

01 January 2021

i have been with tjc for a good few years and have never been disappointed with any items ive bought!

Christine - Consett

31 December 2020

I’ve been shopping with TJC for over 10years, my experience with them has always been satisfying.

Aylan - London

30 December 2020

always great products, always on time and always great prices.

Paul - Margate

29 December 2020

Have been a customer for TJC since the beginning of there first airing years ago and have never been disappointed. Quality of jewellery is amazing and the weight of the items are outstanding!! Thank you TJC.

Sandra - Hull

28 December 2020

My experience with TJC was exceptional as the customer service team go above and beyond. I always feel like I am getting the best quality products at great value for money. In addition, knowing that every purchase made is contributing to a meal for a child, always leaves me emotional to know that caring , humanitarian companies do exist and that are giving back to the community.

Tia - London

27 December 2020

TJC give good service all staff are helpful and very polite. Well done to you all and thank you.

Lynne - Barnsley South Yorkshire

26 December 2020

Happy to bid on stuff, diamond rings on very good price, customer service are very helpful, Appreciate TJC Auction.

Shamim - Huddersfield

25 December 2020

My first experience with TJC has been great, I was unaware that the channel existed. I am so pleased that I did find the channel has it has solved the Christmas gift problem that was occurring. However, thanks to the lovely items I received and delivered safely. It's has been great.

Cee - London

24 December 2020

Excellent experience every time. I have done most of my Christmas shopping on-line with Tjc this year. The new guaranteed FREE and NEXT DAY system is great. Brilliant to know that my purchases from Tjc help to feed needy Children. Keep up the Good Work EVERYONE, VERY WELL DONE. I will certainly be repeating my experience in future years. MERRY CHRISTMAS &VERY HAPPY 2021 TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF Tjc. No matter where ever in the World you might be. Thank You. Keep Healthy and Stay very Safe.

Carol - Caldicot

23 December 2020

As a customer since 2007 I have found them to be a Great company to buy from, especially their Excellent quality Rhapsody & Iliana range. Their customer service is always helpful & the Chat Line a great tool. Fast delivery service & refunds where necessary. Would highly recommend them.

Jane - Devon

22 December 2020

Im a new customer with TJC but Im very happy about the Service.

Elzbita - Milton Keynes

21 December 2020

Easy ordering on the website and locating what I wanted was not difficult. Overall experience went without a hitch.

Margaret - Essex

20 December 2020

First time I’ve purchase from TJC wonderful service thank you.

Carole - Leeds

19 December 2020

I've been shopping with TjC for many years and start shopping for Christmas in the summer so I can spread the cost. Very rarely have I returned anything, but if I do, it is so quick and east to get my money back.

Brenda - Wales

18 December 2020

As usual , a great service and a great product. Always on time and well packed. Wife is always pleased with the items we purchase.

Paul - Margate

17 December 2020

Alway brilliant, tjc never fail to let you down Beautiful items & always fast delivery with courtesy of text message when on its way to you.

Joanne - Norwich

16 December 2020

I have shopped with tjc on a number of occasions every item has been delivered in perfect condition, and I have had no problems. The goods ordered gave value for money and I will be ordering again shortly no doubt.

SHEILA - Sunderland

15 December 2020

I am really happy with all my purchases from TJC . The quality of products is excellent and the presenters show case them very professionally and you know what you are buying.

Julie - Nottingham

14 December 2020

Im happy being with the TJC wow factor all the items the team are nice to talk to and of course the price is affordable thats why I love TJC.

Susana - LYMM

13 December 2020

Have been a customer for a long time and have bought lots of products from TJC and have very rarely had to send anything back.

Phyllis - Portsmouth

12 December 2020

As always, very easy to order the items, they were sent fairly quickly and I am qute pleased with them. They are great for the price.

Stephanie - Cheadle, Cheshire

11 December 2020

Very happy with my purchase and very easy to order from. Arrived within days.

Teresa - Atherstone Warwickshire

10 December 2020

It's much harder to get affordable gold items now, no fault of TJC, although not impossible and I appreciate the option of budget pay to enable me to make a more expensive purchase.

Joanna - Colchester

09 December 2020

Have been a customer with them for a long time , have found them good and easy to deal with . Not had any problems with them.

Gillian - Kings Lynn

08 December 2020

love tjc variety of products , the auctions particularly. En joy bidding and the bargains.

Pauleen - Brighton

07 December 2020

Always great service. I have never had a problem with deliveries. Always well presented in the packaging, plus the little pouches received with every purchase.

Sandra - Hampshire

06 December 2020

Brilliant , buy lots of things from beauty , home and lovely jewellery.

Carol - Plymouth

05 December 2020

Delivered on time. Value for money and actually does what it's suppose to.


04 December 2020

No complaints at all very pleased with jewellery bought over the years.

Patricia Suckling - Stockton On Tees

03 December 2020

No complaints at all very pleased with jewellery bought over the years.

Patricia Suckling - Stockton On Tees

03 December 2020

Been with you since you began fifteen years ago and still buying from you that says it all.

Patricia - Poole Dorset

02 December 2020

I am very happy with my purchases and if I have ever had any problems they are always sorted out quickly and easily with a very friendly team of staff.

WENDY - Clevedon

01 December 2020

efficient and communication very good have ordered a lot of items for xmas presents ,am pleased with all


30 November 2020

I’m so pleased with these Christmas bells for my grandchild’s tree They will be able to take them out year after year and think if their grandparents Just lovely.

Pauline - Belvedere

29 November 2020

I have been byeing from TJC for a lot of years now and get some lovely things ,and at good prices too .Well done TJC.

Gloria - Yorkshire

29 November 2020

Good company & any problems sorted with customer services. Excellent range of products & prices.

Kay - Birmingham

28 November 2020

I love shopping with you the things you buy are always what you ordered.

Diane - Nottingham

27 November 2020

Been buying from them for a few years now love  every thing I’ve received.

Mary - Fife

26 November 2020

So far i have not had any difficulties with ordering and receiving my goods, I'm always informed that my delivery is on the way and which service will be doing the delivery.

Kimnovak - SHEFFIELD

25 November 2020

I buy frequently from tjc, I am a pensioner and don't have a lot of money to spare so the £1 auctions are perfect for me, thank you TJC

Dianne - Wolverhampton

25 November 2020

Have always been extremely satisfied with my purchases from TJC,and have found them to be very good value for money.

Maria - Glasgow

24 November 2020

Very efficient, easy to order. Well packaged, and stunning jewellery. Thankyou TJC.

Janet Ruth - Sheffield

23 November 2020

Items are being delivered earlier than expected. Great. Superb variety of products at great prices.

Julie - Burnley

22 November 2020

I have ordered many many things fromTJC and been amazed with the quality of everything and the prices.Thank You so much TJC.

Bernadette - Wirral

21 November 2020

Been shopping with TJC for years, brilliant products and amazing quality. Will shop with TJC for years to come!

Lisa - Co Kildare

20 November 2020

Have shopped with them for many years and are a good company bringing affordable jewellery to many people.

Muriel - Sunderland

19 November 2020

Very good value for money. I really like the one for one programme at tjc. Such a good thing to do.

Sandra - Shrewsbury

18 November 2020

Your customer service team are really helpful,and the presenters explain all about the item and where these straighteners were concerned they demonstrated them brilliantly.

Andrea - Barry

17 November 2020

As always a great place to shop and you have the added bonus of knowing that you have fed a child some where in the world.

Thelma - Derbyshire

16 November 2020

I love tjc, the choice,price range,and easy shopping formats is excellent cant reccomend highly enough.

Sandra - Fife Scotland

15 November 2020

Everything I order is fab quality customer service staff are very friendly and helpful nothing is to much trouble fantastic company

Evanda - Bromsgrove Worcs

14 November 2020

I have always have good experience, when ever i contact them.

BETTY - Catford

13 November 2020

I find TJC to be a reputable company, who sells not only beautiful jewellery but lovely gifts, home ware & beauty products. If something goes wrong they fix it. Prices are from fair to astonishing & with generous instalments if required.

Miss Patricia - Greater London

12 November 2020

I Used to shop with another very prominent channel, but my loyalty and expenditure better spent with TJC


11 November 2020

Never had any problems buying from TJC, excellent job and excellent service.


11 November 2020

Excellent company to buy from. I have been customer since 2007 and been very happy with purchases and service. I would thoroughly recommend them.

Jane - Devon

10 November 2020

Wonderful value for money and really good quilty products.

Lynda - Blackwood Gwent

09 November 2020

Generally TJC always provide a great shopping experience in terms of variety , design, quality , good for sale. Items are usually just as described and good value for money.


08 November 2020

I am a regular buyer from TJC, good products at amazing prices and great when you can buy expensive items on budget pay Presenters are entertaining and CS staff very helpful.

Lisa - Kent

08 November 2020

I’ve bought several items recently and the jewellery upon arrival never fails to impress. Highly recommend!

Catrina - Cosham

07 November 2020

Love it. Can't stop buying from your channel. It's brilliant and presenters are great


06 November 2020

no problems lovely and affordable items presenters fab all so nice to watch good company not OTT like some channels down to earth in a good way MANY THANKS have kept me company on many occasions

Elaine - Cumbria

05 November 2020

Good bought a lot of items from TJC and overall pleased with all just started using the teeth whitening Opatra system so hopefully good results will happen!

Georgina - Beverley

04 November 2020

Always love shopping with TJC. My home is full of TJC bits and bobs, where would I be without you?

Kathleen - LANCASTER

03 November 2020

I have been a customer of TJC for a while now I've only ever had to return 2 items out of the many I have bought over the years and they refunded my money straight away it is true what they say it is stress free shopping with there money back guarantee and they do some amazingly good deals. I would recommend everyone to give them a try and if you don't like your purchase you can just send it back


02 November 2020

Simple and easy site to use, can always find and filter items to watch. The online auctions are extra fun. Have never had to return a thing and have been very impressed by quality of items for sale.

Kim - Mablethorpe

01 November 2020

Always good whether you keep or return item. Delivery and refunds very quick.

Jane - Devon

31 October 2020

I have bought so much over the years from tjc i have lost count always value for money and speedy delivery

Linda - Pontypool

30 October 2020

Always exceptional Customer Service. A couple of times have had to contact them. They resolve your issue/query efficiently and quickly. Very polite and helpful. Never have to worry about buying anything as confident if not happy or a problem Customer Service will resolve. I would highly recommend TJC.

Sian - Littlehampton, West Sussex

29 October 2020

The homeware is beautiful, Roberto is doing a fantastic job, and personal shopper is a wonderful team, the customer service is fantastic, I can't praise them enough.

Rosemary - Batley

28 October 2020

Excellent service and look forward to seeing the variety of different products.

Samia - Kent

27 October 2020

Love how quickly they send things, the box I got with my first purchase was great and subsequent velvet pouches are lovely too.


26 October 2020

Ordering simple delivery good brilliant as always. Happy to recommend to everyone 

Sandra - Fife

25 October 2020

Have been buying jewelry and other items from TJC for several years. Competitive pricing and good presenters. Items arrive promptly and well packaged.

Mark - Petersfield

24 October 2020

Good quality items and you get what you see. Fast delivery and good prices.

Carol - Cardiff

23 October 2020

Always happy with customer services,returns and refunds done speedily. I’ve been shopping with TJC for about ten years,majority of items very good quality and even getting better with reasonable affordable prices,budget pay always helps in purchasing.

Aylan - London

22 October 2020

Always happy with customer services,returns and refunds done speedily. I’ve been shopping with TJC for about ten years,majority of items very good quality and even getting better with reasonable affordable prices,budget pay always helps in purchasing.

Aylan - London

21 October 2020

been shopping with TJC for a while now had all sorts of things not just jewellery cant fault them love the web site.

Jean - Moelfre

20 October 2020

I buy so much of the really top end jewelry over 13 years so that must say every thing.

Pamela - Glos

19 October 2020

Items arrive well packed and in tiny fashion. I've never had a problem at all. I've kept the vast majority of what I ordered as gift items for myself, friends and family.

Anthea - Wimborne

18 October 2020

Been shopping with TJC for about 12 years now and never had bad experience with the company! Customer service is excellent and I would recommend this company to anyone who likes quality jewellery and home wares Can’t recommend highly enough! 

MARTIN - Cumbernauld

17 October 2020

This is the second face mask I've bought. I already have the pink one. They are so comfortable to wear and lots of people comment on them and ask where I bought it. It's great that they're washable and I always handwash them. Definitely recommend them.

Barbara - Manchester

16 October 2020

Truly so far a great company to deal with. Purchased via the telephone and website. Both options have been excellent no issues at all. Customer services called once. Great attitude, very helpful.

Nicholas - Bedfordshire

15 October 2020

I'm a very happy customer, whenever i buy from tjc. No need to look anywhere else.


14 October 2020

Always the best service from any company I have ever bought anything from.

Ruth - Staffordshire Moorlands

13 October 2020

A joy as normally experienced. A thrill to win the £1 Auction bid. Item is just perfect.

Diana - Essex

12 October 2020

Have always had a very positive and pleasant experience


11 October 2020

What you see is what you get... great shopping experience...easily done from your armchair....perfect

Shirley - Cumbria

10 October 2020

Always happy with the service and even happier with the jewellery I've bought. I'm a long standing customer.


09 October 2020

Have been a customer for many many years buying Rhapsody to Silver and loads in between. Never been disappointed.

Barbara - Norwich

08 October 2020

Previous bought a platinum HET. Was very pleased with quality and value. Will steer clear of the really cheap stuff

Priscilla - Glasgow

07 October 2020

Used them many times always been happy with products

Lynn - Littleborough

06 October 2020

Got to say it’s a happy day when something you really wanted arrives, lovely!

Thelma - Isle Of Wight

05 October 2020

always good value for money plus the whole range from beauty to scarfs and bags excellent.

Lesley - Thetford

04 October 2020

Wide choice of products & prices to suit all pockets. I ordered online & found it easy, straightforward & quick & received follow-up email almost immediately to confirm my purchase & delivery date etc. Delighted with prompt, efficient ordering process, good quality product & extremely good prices.

Ellen - South Lanarkshire

03 October 2020

I have an excellent time whenever I log in to TJC, there is so much to look at and it is very well presented.

Patricia - Caldicot

02 October 2020

lovely jewellery and other things they sell, very helpful

Maureen - Hastings, East Sussex

01 October 2020

Always Fantastic experience! Thank you, my by far Favourite channel!!!!

Elena - Aberdeen

30 September 2020

Been very happy with all my purchases from them.

Michael - Braintree Essex.

29 September 2020

VERY fast despatch; they seem to be getting faster, which is useful if you're expecting a delivery in time for a birthday.


28 September 2020

I shop with TJC frequently, from jewelry to rugs, plants and bedding and would highly recommend TJC I will definitely be buying from TJC in the future

Margaret - Glasgow

27 September 2020

Have been shopping with them for a few years now with no problems. Will continue to shop with them.

Mary - Fife

26 September 2020

Great experience have some beautiful jewellery you could not find on the high street for the quality and price. Great service.


25 September 2020

First time I’ve purchased from tjc Delivery was faster than expected. The bracelet is stunning and good value. All round good experience.

Amanda - West Yorks

24 September 2020

Have told friends about your site and they have come back and thanked me after buying.


23 September 2020

I always get good quality service and that’s why I always come back and buy again.

Ewart - Gloucester

22 September 2020

Always always excellent products and services. Never been let down . Love TJC the best !

Ruth - Staffordshire

21 September 2020

I keep saying, I love TJC, but I don't know how to put it in any other words. Cannot fault quality, value for money and confidence in their ability to provide the best.

Marianne - Kenilworth

20 September 2020

Been with them 12 years don’t shop anywhere else TJC you can trust with great presenters just like one big family x


19 September 2020

I generally buy all my jewellery fromTJC. Usually on line. Easy to order, always delivered on time. Great Jewellery at great prices.

Irene - Kilbirnie

18 September 2020

It’s the third time I have bought a ring from TJC. Their prices are amazing, their online descriptions of products are detailed and delivery is always fast and well packaged.

Katherine - London

17 September 2020

First time I have purchased from you but will definitely purchase from you again.

Surrey - Pauline

16 September 2020

I never have any problems with ordering or delivery of products. I have bought jewellery, clothing , lifestyle and beauty products from TJC and they have all been fabulous.

Janet - BURY

15 September 2020

I have ordered quite a few items from tjc and I must say been impressed. I have especially been impressed when I had to ring about a faulty item. It was dealt with professionally and a returns label sent out to me. The refund was back in my account after just 2 days, very impressed with the promptness of tjc. Would order from them again, as I have, without hesitation.

Glenis - St Helens

14 September 2020

Easy to order from both the TV and the web site. Things sold by TJC variable and mostly of good quality for the money.

Larraine - Aberdeen

14 September 2020

Easy to order and items i have bought have always been as I expected.Delivery is very fast usually within a couple of days and you receive updates until your items have been delivered .I have never used the return service so cannot comment.

Linda - Runcorn

13 September 2020

I am a happy customer and have bought several pieces of jewelry. Delivery is brilliant. Thanks.

Karen - Cork, Ireland

13 September 2020

I have shopped for years with them on behalf of my wife and daughter and have always been satisfied with the service and have never needed to send anything back. I am awaiting three more items which I am sure will meet my expectations.

Derek - Eynsham Oxon

12 September 2020

Always a good day when the items arrive, whether for you, your family and friends, would recommend TJC.

Thelma - Isle Of Wight

11 September 2020

Every order I have made with TJC has arrived on time (If not before) and in good condition. I have never had any problems with ordering. Very efficient.

Janet - BURY

10 September 2020

I love all the different range of products that are offered and bargains.

Joan - Southend-On-Sea

09 September 2020

I had been shopping around for ages for something specific and had found it a bit late. TJC had the ring I was looking for. However there was only 1 left in stock and it needed to be resized and to compound matters there were only 4 days left until our wedding anniversary. I was panicking to say the least, but the customer care staff were brilliant and the ring arrived bang on time. Fantastic customer service, they kept me informed all the way through, lovely ring, all in all an excellent experience. Will definitely use them again, but give them more time next time. Highly recommend.


08 September 2020

TJC is a company that is always diversifying its products to the benefit of its customers always fair prices and good quality. I always enjoy buying from them.

Leslie - HARROW

07 September 2020

TJC is an unbelievably efficient site. I have ordered countless items and they have all arrived extremely quickly. I have never received an item where the quality wasn't of a very high standard. I have regularly spoken about the site to friends and indeed I went away for a holiday and when I returned one had purchased 5 rings!!!

Norma - Glasgow

06 September 2020

All jewellery purchased has been a fantastic price point.... no complaints... you get what you pay for with a lot of extra in the way value for money

Lynn - Fife

06 September 2020

Great products and service, love the way you keep improving your staff and greater access and variety to all kinds of goods.

Rosalba - Newark

05 September 2020

Lovely company to do business with good service and delivery with quality too.

Ewart - Gloucester

04 September 2020

I have nothing but good points from my shopping experience with TJC. My order was very efficiently dealt with and my earrings arrived quickly. I am thrilled with them as this was a considered purchase.

Alison - Craigavon

03 September 2020

Friendly staff, simple purchasing experience, good quality products, no bother returns policy and ethical business practices. I love the free meals donated through purchase contributions - Lovely idea.

Evie - Herefordshire

02 September 2020

Lovely good quality jewellery. Arrived well packaged and very promptly. Thoroughly enjoy wearing my earrings and bracelet. Looking out for a matching pendant for my next purchase.

Janet Ruth - Sheffield

30 August 2020

First time of ordering with TJC but was impressed with ease of ordering and speed of delivery - would not hesitate to use you again.

Hillary - Birmingham

28 August 2020

My favourite shopping channel. Lovely presenter, and great products,and prices That’s why I have shopped with TJC for the past 14 years.

Cherril - Wellingborough

27 August 2020

TJC has always offered a professional service, prompt delivery and lovely designs.


26 August 2020

Great quality product and value for money and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

25 August 2020

Always pleased with purchases. Spoke to a very helpful and charming employee in Ireland.

Mary - Lincoln

24 August 2020

Always a pleasure to shop with TJC. Whatever I am looking for I usually find here. So many ideas too and they also care enough to donate to the less fortunate people who are very hungry through no fault of their own. Hats off you TJC!

Doreen - Dinas Powys

23 August 2020

Always very competitive prices and some very unusual items that you don’t see on the high street. The jewellery is definitely cheaper than any jewellery shop, that’s if you could find it.

Julia - Norwich

22 August 2020

Been shopping here since 2010 and would recommend it to family and friends,well done keep up the good work.From a very Happy Shopper.


20 August 2020

Always great service with vast choice of products. No risk shopping with money back guarantee.

Julie - Burnley

20 August 2020

Always amazing price and good quality. Delivery on most items are exceptionally fast.

Victoria - London

19 August 2020

Purchased several items including jewelry over the past few years. Standard excellent

Joan - Swanley

18 August 2020

Very good. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and I love the budget pay and 30 day return if not delighted with your purchase.

Gail - Chadd

17 August 2020

This is the first time i have bought anything from TJC, It was easy to use site and use auctions, i ended buying while i was on line, through there auction, something i usually would not do until i had been on the site checking for a while, I WILL USE TJC AGAIN AND HAVE TOLD MY MUM, GREAT SITE THANKS,

YVONNE - Runcorn

16 August 2020

Every item i have ordered has been delivered on time im always kept in the loop by email and sms items always as described great value on every item ive purchased very happy customer

Rosalind - Guildford

16 August 2020

My order arrived very quickly and well packed, ordering was quick and easy.

Glynnis - Hinckley

15 August 2020

I have been a customer for a few years now and have always been very pleased with my purchases, I find them to be extremely helpful and polite and friendly.

Denise - Salisbury

14 August 2020

Have had a great experience always and love the idea of the free meals with every purchase.

Marie - Ramsgate

13 August 2020

Always good thanks, the necklace is really summer gypsy kind of look, it's pretty and catches the light, I bought the rose gold overlay as well x

Paula - Essex

12 August 2020

This ring arrived in good time I was expecting it to be a little bigger then it is as it looked bigger on web but having said that it is a very pretty ring and pocket friendly I'm happy with my purchase 

Emma - Falmouth

11 August 2020

Always had my products delivered on time fantastic company good products on the shop excellent value for money compared to another sites keep up the good work Brenda.

Brian - Dublin

10 August 2020

You delivery promise is exceptional. Your presenters, without exception, are all cheerful, funny and during lockdown always kept a buzz going. Their charisma helped to get through those dark months and I am truly thankful of that so congratulations to you all. Brenda.

Brenda - Llangefni

09 August 2020

TJC has always been a great shop to purchase beautiful gems for very affordable prices and has the largest selection of affordable grandidierite on the web.

Kim - Nottingham

08 August 2020

This was a slightly cheeky buy, I put a bid on the auction site, and wow, what a gorgeous ring..  Check the site, you might get a bargain of the century..

Lorraine - Sittingbourne

07 August 2020

This is a good channel all my purchases have arrived on time and in good condition

Rodney - Ash Nr Aldershot

06 August 2020

TJC promotes a real variety of useful and delicious things , not just jewelry . All the presenters have a winning and sincere style without doing the hard sell. I find it relaxing to watch and the things I have bought, I cherish , like my Edison pearls. I think their prices are really good and they truly do put quality before carat ,unlike other competitors . Well done TJC !

Sara - Devon

05 August 2020

I have tried elsewhere,but keep coming back to TJC ! They are by far way ahead of any other shop and the quality of their rings and chains is superb. I highly recommend anyone to buy jewellery from them,dont' bother looking any where else. You won't find the price or quality !

Cathy - Frome

04 August 2020

Love the bead earrings from TJC. So easy to wear and it means that I can build a good collection as there are so many beautiful gemstones on offer. Easy to shop and great to receive.

Tracy - Black Country

03 August 2020

I was very pleased with my beautiful bangle which I thought was excellent value for money- it looks much more expensive that it was. Also it was delivered to me within a couple of days and came in a lovely velvet pouch.

Suzanne - Poulton-Le-Fylde

02 August 2020

I have been a customer of tjc for a little while now and, have never found a reason to complain about their fabulous range of merchandise.

Donna - Londonderry

02 August 2020

Been shopping many years with TJC Brilliant jewellery and lots of fabulous products.

Marie - London

01 August 2020

I have boght quite a few items from TJC and I have not had any problems. Their products have always been up to standard.

Tony - Bathgate

31 July 2020

Yet another fabulous purchase from TJC. Quality clothing at a great price. Highly recommend this site for jewellery and clothing purchases. Love it. Mandy x

Mandy - Coventry

30 July 2020

Packaged well and arrived in good time. Pleased to see that TJC is committed to sending their goods out in recyclable packaging.

Dorothy - Blackburn

29 July 2020

Have been a customer for years and enjoy being part of the TJC family. Great value and Lovely goods. Keep it up.

Margaret - Blackburn

28 July 2020

I love shopping with TJC and their customer service do their best with this covd19 purchases are delivered within a few weekdays and being able to pay in instalments is the best thing ever and also the fact of their meals campaign and everything they do to help thank you all at TJC.

Rosemary - Inverurie

27 July 2020

I love TJC have bought from them for years, they have never let me down on price or quality.

Carla - Harrogate

27 July 2020


Wendy - Hayling Island Hants

26 July 2020

Have bough from tjc for lots of years and keep coming back the choice price quality are brilliant why go anywhere else. Can't fault them. Give them a try you won't be very happy repeat shopper.

Sandra - Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland

25 July 2020

I have had many items over the years, many average price and a few expensive and I can’t complain about anything, the high end are the best quality by far of any other on the TV.

Linda - Derbyshire

24 July 2020

TJC items are almost always amazing value for money, and I have enjoyed being a customer since about 2010.

Margaret - Portsmouth

23 July 2020

Buying high street brands from TJC saved me at least 30% if not more. Good service and fast delivery.

Victoria - London

22 July 2020

I have bought many items from TJC and have always been very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the items, which is far greater than the prices would imply or I have expected. Watching the programs it becomes more and more clear the good work the company does in terms of charity and support in both the UK and India. That ethos should be applauded. It certainly warms my heart.

Nicki - Princes Risborough

21 July 2020

First time buyer, very pleased with the ring, the video aided my purchase as the photo didn't do the ring justice. Delivered on time and in a slim box that fitted through my letterbox.

Marie - Cardiff

21 July 2020

I have purchased several items from TJC, everything arrives well packaged and on time . I think the jewellery they sell is exceptional value for money, and the quality is second to none. Would highly recommend buying from them, don't hold back and try them, you will not regret it.


20 July 2020

Tjc has given me the opportunity to buy stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to afford in other stores. I am ever so grateful and happy with tjc.

Patricia - London Battersea

19 July 2020

I like tjc. They have lovely jewelry at really good prices. The presenters are nice. They also sell lots of other products worth seeing. It's good to know you are helping to feed some unfortunate people.

Carole - Doncaster

18 July 2020

A Very reliable company selling good quality items at very reasonable prices. Recently I have been getting items delivered much quicker than I used to even before lockdown.

Linda - Shipley

17 July 2020

wonderful range of products from high end to cat food all delivered to your door I have done half my Christmas gift shopping from TJC already spreading the cost over several months.

Esme - North Yorkshire

16 July 2020

wonderful range of products from high end to cat food all delivered to your door I have done half my Christmas gift shopping from TJC already spreading the cost over several months.

Esme - North Yorkshire

16 July 2020

my experience with tjc is really good.i think all the presenters are good at there jobs and nothing is to much trouble. i am happy with every thing I have got from tjc.i think you should start selling lap tops and tablets as well.and make one hour a day selling childrens jewellery.

Louise - Thatcham

15 July 2020

I am a great fan of TJC and am always looking for bargains, I have bought numerous items. I trust Chloe and Mark(great presenters)

Janet - Collydean, Glenrothes

14 July 2020

I ordered this item from the website, and the process was very easy. The ring was delivered very promptly. When I returned the item, I got an email telling me my return had been received and then the following day I got an email to say my refund had been processed. This is very impressive as other companies take make longer to process refunds. Well done TJC.

Lynn - Whitstable

13 July 2020

I have been with TJC for at least 2 years if not longer. As I have a suppressed immune system and at risk, I have been on lockdown since March and that eases as of 1st August. TJC has been a savior in respect of masks and sanitizers at an unbeatable price. My husband does the shopping and collects prescriptions and he has diabetes and needs protection at all times. I have looked at other sites for masks and sanitizers and the price that was being charged and still is nowhere near the price at TJC. You should be very proud of an essential service you have provided through COVID 19 and keeping prices low. When people are at high risk these items are essential. TJC is the only Company that seems to have considered the value of such items to people who really need them. I have also ordered other items over the time I have been with TJC and always found good quality and again at a price people can afford. You are my go to channel. Good work by the Company and all the staff through difficult times. Anne in Devon

Anne - Seaton Devon

13 July 2020

I love shopping with tjc I would rather shop with you as I can have the budget pay witch means you can spread out payment if you need to. You can also send th product back if its not right. You cannot loose. I'd recommend you to my friends . Adele Cumbria.

Adele - Milnthorpe Cumbria

12 July 2020

Nearly always satisfied with the service customer team always friendly and helpful. Jewellry al ays good quality and reasonably priced. Been a cusomer for quite a while now.

Brynne - Rushden Northants

11 July 2020

Arrived quickly, so I could wear it to sister-in-law's end of lock down meal. She even asked about where I got it from. She thought it was from Qvc and I said no, TJC... She went straight on your website. 

Lorraine - Sittingbourne

10 July 2020

I love TJC have purchased all my Jewellery from them and will continue to

Teresa - Eastbourne

09 July 2020

we have have got a lot of things from you.good prices and value for yo manage to bring prices down is unbelievable.jewllery and other things we have got from you is wonderful.i hope you can start getting lap tops and tablets for sale.because I could not afford t buy one out all the presenters as well vey good at there jobs.

Louise - Thatcham

08 July 2020

I love jewelry and the more distinctive look is what I love. The size of some pieces is amazing couldn't buy such quality on the high street. Great fun to be able to shop from home late into the evening.

Denise - London

08 July 2020

A terrific company to purchase from and an extremely friendly call centre too.

Linda - Tullibody, Scotland

07 July 2020

Have been a customer for a few years now. I like the wide range of items on sale and the 30 day money back guarantee. I have jewellery, scarves, bags, underwear and various other items. Usually good quality and value for money.


06 July 2020

Easy to order online. Clear presentation from presenter the missed items section is great for browsing. I would like details about the product if I click them image. It would be useful if I missed the presenter showing the product.

Pauline - Kent

05 July 2020

TJC is my first choice for jewellery gifts for the family. Being male I don't purchase a lot for myself, but I have treated myself to a couple of watches both of which are stunning. I have been delighted with everything I've bought and nothing has ever needed to be returned.


04 July 2020

Been shopping with TJC for many years, great products at brilliant prices. Just started bidding in online auctions, love it.

Marie - London

04 July 2020

I've been purchasing quite a lot of things from TJC and have found that everything has been of excellent quality right across their range ect; jewelry, perfumes, Opatra items. bedding and so much more! I would definitely recommend this site.

Lorna - Chelmsford

03 July 2020

I love everything about TJC. The website is informative. I like the great deals in the auctions and clearance area. the range of products is great, with some wonderfully rare gems. You see lovely designs mixing the classic with innovative design.


02 July 2020

I love being able to buy real jewellery at reasonable prices. The gems are real, the metal is silver with gold and enamel overlay. When I buy silver I buy the platinum, rhodium or gold overlays so that the silver stays bright and doesn't tarnish. Very happy to buy reasonably price gifts for my female grand children that give lasting pleasure and last longer than the latest consumable fad. Also that the items are at prices that neither I or their mothers will be distraught should the child lose it. They can wear their earrings/pendants with their party dresses and enjoy them. I bought 18 ct gold pearl studs for myself which are fabulous but you don't really see the metal. The smaller offerings in pearl on rhodium plated pins look just as classy. So whatever your purchasing power, TJC enables us all to enjoy wearing jewellery that does not look cheap and will not hurt ears.

Anthea - Wimborne

01 July 2020

TJC are always good to order from, the tv shows are always informative and they try the clothes or beauty items which is great. The prices are very good and the deals and free delivery is always welcome.

Paulette - SE13

01 July 2020

Excellent company to buy from - extremely quick despatching and return/refunds (should you need too) especially at these difficult times. Very Good quality items at affordable prices, also helpful and friendly customer services.

Jane - Devon

30 June 2020

Great selection of watches at reasonable hassle purchase with clear instructions....the watch arrived before time stated.....well packaged and supplied with box for gift giving....I will definitely use this site again ....many thanks it was just as described.

Lynn - Cardiff

29 June 2020

We are all ways pleased with the quality And service from TJC. Thank you so much.

Neville - Worcester

29 June 2020



28 June 2020

My sister introduced me to TJC last year and I have bought many items from the company from jewellery to beauty products and clothing. I have never been disappointed and the quality of service and the friendly staff when I ordered by phone is first class. I tell all my friends about TJC and love to buy presents for my family and friends from them, I have also used the budget pay facility and it helped me get really special items for my daughter and granddaughter last Christmas that I would not normally have been able to afford. Keep up the great service and keep safe at this time. Many thanks Jennifer 😉🤗

Jennifer - Yeovil

27 June 2020

Always excellent even during crisis for any issue Products different of quality and help others by purchasing. Learn about the wonder of earth’s bounty of gems and lore around the world.

Patricia - Liverpool

27 June 2020

I have ordered a few things from TJC and never had a problem, and they are all what they've described. thank you TJC

Louise - Lowestoft

26 June 2020

Received my bracelet in super speedy time ! Well wrapped and secure x Beautiful opal bracelet x I always recommend TJC fab company xx

Susan - Huyton

25 June 2020

TJC are very quick with deliveries and make it easy for you to return the item if it isn't what you want. I like looking through the items, enjoy buying from them and would be happy to recommend them to friends.

Marion - Swindon

24 June 2020

Ordering is very easy, I prefer to order online. There is a large range of goods available. If you miss an auction you can see what you missed on the missed auctions tab and order from there if the item is still available. Customer services are very helpful and returns are processed in good time.

Lynn - Whitstable

23 June 2020

I love the Jewellery Channel. I would say 99% of the items I have bought from them have been well worth buying and of great competitive value, hardly ever have to send anything back over the years.

Bev - Williton

22 June 2020

Every time I have bought something from TJC everything has gone smoothly and all are great value for money.

Carol - Kent

22 June 2020

Have been a customer now for many years and really enjoy shopping with you guys. Always get good value and smashing quality. Keep it up. M

Margaret - Blackburn

21 June 2020

My TJC experience is alway pleasant , as the staff are always willing to help you out with your queries.

BETTY - Catford

20 June 2020

Love shopping with you everything I buy I love.

Lynn - Barnsley

19 June 2020

I am a frequent visitor to your website. I have never had any problems with items ordered. The telephone team are courteous and efficient, buying on-line is easy and as efficient, but I prefer to talk with a person (just my preference). I appreciate that, during the current situation, it is preferable to order on-line. Whichever method I have used to place my order, I have never had to wait very long for my purchases. Keep up the good work.

Lina - London

18 June 2020

I only found TJC a couple of months ago and this will be my jewellery shop of choice from now on. I adore jewellery but as I am not very well off to own such beautiful jewellery would have been impossible before I found TJC. The prices are fantastic anyway but the Budget Pay system is great. The stones in the jewellery are beautiful and excellent quality. The other great thing with TJC is that with each purchase you are helping to feed a hungry child in India or the UK. Thank-you TJC.

Ayesha - Bishops Castle

17 June 2020

Very easy to order online, I haven't used the telephone ordering yet. Items are delivered in good time and you are kept up to date on progress. Customer services are very efficient and helpful.

Lynn - Whitstable

16 June 2020

Great shopping channel and sell so many things at a reasonable price. I have bought lots of presents from you and have never been disappointed with them.

Catherine - Cannock

15 June 2020

Excellent service and great value products and getting to be very fond of all the presenters as I have only recently discovered Tjc

Samia - Kent

14 June 2020

I have had lots of different items from tjc and mainly been happy with them , they offer good value for money and would recommend anyone to give them a go , you have the money back guarantee if you are not happy so you have nothing to lose.

R - Nottinghamshire

13 June 2020

I was really pleased with this ring it was better than I expected really great sparkle very good value for money.

Susan - London

12 June 2020

I love TJC items, good quality for the money. I have bought so much from them over the years and would highly recommend them to others. In fact I have my best friend!

Alyson - Newport

11 June 2020

Beautiful quality jewellery always very pleased to receive and at excellent prices.

Maria - Stoke-On-Trent

10 June 2020

Great company to deal with, excellent quality jewellery at affordable prices. Would thoroughly recommend them. Also if you have to return something it is dealt with very quickly - hassle free shopping.

Jane - Devon

09 June 2020

Tjc is the Jewellrey channel that can trust for quality, affordability. Value for money too.

Patricia - Battersea

08 June 2020

I have been a customer for over 10 years and have already recommended you to many friends and family..keep up the good work....

Elizabeth - ROTHERHAM

07 June 2020

Have been buying from this company for years. Initially thought it would be a one off but with each addition of new products there is always something tempting that catches my eyes.

Venice - London

06 June 2020

First time using TJC and a very efficient, easy process. Brand bought product and cheaper than buying from high street.

Erinn - Cambridge

05 June 2020

I have shopped with TJC for a while always good value and always good service xx

Jacqueline - Doncaster

04 June 2020

I found out about 'Popcorn shed', from TJC. I tried it, & was pleased with my purchases. In fact, i bought a second batch recently. I especially recommend the Gorgeous Cheesey flavours!!! Yum, yum, yum!!!.

Betty - LONDON

03 June 2020

TJC as always is very professional at what they do.

Peggy - Gloucester

02 June 2020

My first time buying from TJC. I will definitely buy from you again. Excellent service and the product is just as it was online.

Jacqueline - Lancashire

01 June 2020

I always purchase TJC products the website works well, products are well packaged and arrive quickly , the staff are very polite and helpful

Sarah - Merseyside

31 May 2020

First time I've ordered from TJC and it was great! From ordering to delivery there were no issues at all....very happy with service and the item I purchased.

Scott - Newport, Shropshire

30 May 2020

I am surprised that they can offer goods at such a low price but good quality. I also like the capped price for postage. I have used other shopping channels and they nearly always charge postage for every item. And as a charitable person I love the fact that they provide a meal for needy people on every purchase. Amazing TJC!

Edna - London

29 May 2020

I have recommended TJC to relatives and friends and will continue to buy from them in the future.

Sandra - London

28 May 2020

Have bought many products from TJC and some better than others. Overall very good and goods arrive on time and well packaged.


27 May 2020

The website is excellent. Great to see missed auctions ~ 2nd chance to buy. On line auctions can be a grt way to pick up new pieces!


26 May 2020

As always, easy to use website, quick and easy ordering, items delivered well packaged and timely and always a good price or with discounts,sale prices or free can't go wrong.

Helen - Bristol

25 May 2020

Tjc is a channel that cannot be beaten on price, quality, and affordability compered to other high street Shops.

Patricia - Battersea

24 May 2020



23 May 2020

Amazed to find ammolite in the £1 auction. Made buying even easier and such value.

Tracy - Black Country

22 May 2020

always been good, but of late im having to return faulty damaged goods more often and when contacting customer services I'm wasting my time time!!

Yasmin - Midlands

21 May 2020

I have had no problems with tjc and have been with them for for a good few years now.the quality and prices are great would not shop on tv with anyone else.

Mary - Fife

20 May 2020

I am very pleased everything I have ordered from TJC has been excellent value for money .if I have returned anything it the money is back in my account . The presenters are a pleasure to watch can't praise TJC enough thank you .

Sharon - Telford SHROPSHIRE

19 May 2020

Really good, have used TJC for various items including my wedding jewellery, been wearing my rings non stop since our marriage in 2010 and still look like brand new. Always impressed. Delivery swift and kept well informed.

Christine - Lytham St Annes Lancashire

18 May 2020

Mostly very good. an occasional item lets you down as in this case, but returns ok and dealt with in an efficient way. would always recommend


17 May 2020

Excellent service every time. Great choice of products. I went to the TJC channel whilst flicking through my tv channels just for a look - and now it is absolutely fatal! I know that if I pop channel 757 on I WILL end up buying something!Particularly enjoy watching Mark; he is very entertaining and has a certain rapport with the viewer.

Susan - Swansea

16 May 2020

My experience with tjc has always been excellent. I needed my ring resized and I received it within a week. When I called customer service’s about resizing they were very efficient. Really pleased.

Annette - Ashton Under Lyne

15 May 2020

I have purchased many items from TJC over quite a few years and have always been pleased with the quality. I find the company very efficient and good to deal with.

Patricia - Cwmbran

14 May 2020

I am a frequent customer with TJC. They are fair with pricing in a competitive market. Vast choice of items from every day essentials to gifts or that special something for yourself. Customer Service has always been helpful. Delivery is reasonably quick. Not been disappointed yet.

Susan - Glasgow

13 May 2020

Ordered on line, very easy site to navigate and the whole process was very simple. Follow up emails from Customer Service much appreciated.

Brenda - High Wycombe

12 May 2020

This was the most successful jewellery item I have purchased from TJC. It is often difficult to discern the size of the gems in a piece and the colour and sparkle are enhanced by professional lighting. This bangle absolutely delivered and I am very pleased. I had no problems what so ever with any part of the purchase


11 May 2020

I have been a member of tjc for a number of years and every order has been exceptional .I have bought all female family members something from tjc . THANK YOU TJC KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Shirley - Sunderland

09 May 2020

Always received exactly what was advertised - the presenters do a really good job of describing - good shoes, great jewellery

Ashleigh - Hertfordshire

08 May 2020

Never any problems. Deliveries and returns excellent. Only one returns made and money was credited within days. TJC is a very easy company to deal with. I would recommend the highly.

Carmel - Wicklow

07 May 2020

Very happy with the service and quality of the service, would definitely recommend TJC to friends and family.

Neville - Worcester

06 May 2020

I love TJC i enjoy watching it especially at this stressful time - the presenters are very good and put humor into the presentation. I have bought numerous items from them and will continue to do so. The quality is very good and the returns scheme is excellent. Carry on the good work. Well done.

Margaret - Folly Lane East Cowes Isle Of Wight

05 May 2020

I am always happy with TJC and the products you provide. I never have any problems and on the rare occasion I have had to chat with your staff they are always so helpful and kind. I love your range of products and am impressed that you have included items that are relevant to the current situation around the world. Well done to you all and stay healthy and safe. xxxx

Caroline - Bruton

04 May 2020

I have made many purchases with TJC due to value for money and quality of products. Customer service has always been excellent. Purchased items for myself, family and friends. I'm disabled so I now always have that spare gift in without having to go out looking in shops. So glad I found this site it has taken the stress out of buying Christmas gifts etc. Great for that treat for yourself too! Thank you TJC!

Susan - Glasgow

03 May 2020

Very pleased with everything I have bought from TJC, jewelry,mattresses vacuum cleaner and dishwasher tablets.

Sandra - West Midlands

02 May 2020

I love watching the shows and browsing the TJC website... and seeing what they have on auction each time I log in. I find so many lovely things at great prices. And it's fun! Very happy indeed.

Carol - Surrey

01 May 2020

I have only ordered a few times from TJC & always in a sale, or with a big discount, & I haven’t been disappointed with the items I have bought

Shirley - Manchester

30 April 2020

Fantastic shopping channel. They have adapted to the very difficult time that we are now living in selling some items that are difficult to source from other sellers. Love all of the presenters and thank you for being there.

Catherine - Cannock

29 April 2020

great find !! Many unusual items, great clearance offers too and simply wonderful auctions!!! Always extremely reliable website, very prompt confirmatory emails and delivery is efficient, with everything so well packaged. I had one breakage, contacted customer services and a replacement was sent out promptly with no fuss. So, very good here too. Thoroughly recommend.

Kathy - Cardiff

28 April 2020

Have been shopping with TJC for many years. Have a wonderful collection of jewellery. Congratulations to TJC for bringing essential items during this difficult time at relatives prices. Thank you TJC

Marie - London

27 April 2020

Fabulous company. Goods always arrive on time. Great value for the money. Fantastic variety of products.

Andrea - Derbyshire

27 April 2020

From order to delivery my experience was a great experience. This was also during lockdown. Service was still very efficient

Jacqueline - Ayr

26 April 2020

Have bought several items from you latelyi inc jewellery which I might say was extremely out of my range previously excellent value for money would recommend to anyone.

Elizabeth - London

25 April 2020

I've bought many items from tjc over the past 12 years and never been disapointed fantastic service everytime.Thank you

Gail - West Yorkshire

24 April 2020

Excellent quality goods and presenters. Sooo grateful for the TJC shop.

Joan - London

23 April 2020

Good service, problem solved quickly. Always very impressed with the items. I will be a returning customer. Managers and staff are doing a brilliant job of supplying goods that we all can't live without. WELL DONE and thank you all.


22 April 2020

Tjc is for quality and value for money. Ever since I discovered tjc I have never looked back. And as a living in carer I always watch tjc with my client. She loves this channel. The presenters are fun to watch too.

Patricia - London Battersea SW11

21 April 2020

Well priced products and arrived within days if ordering. I will definitely be ordering from JTC again.


20 April 2020

Product was initially recommended to us, purchased some and found it really helped, we're on our third lot! Would recommend it to anyone .

Eileen - Horwich Bolton

19 April 2020

Good quality jewellery at excellent prices. If I have ever returned an item the refund us always sorted very quickly. Have purchased many times in the past and will again.

Jayne - Sandwich

18 April 2020

I feel at the moment TJC are being very helpful in this difficult time. I also would like to congratulate them for not charging the earth fo products that are difficult to get in stores.well done TJC you get my clap 👏

Marie - London

17 April 2020

TJC are doing a great job in getting essential items delivered to us during this lockdown. As many items are not available in the shops at the moment.

Jean - Nottinghamshire

17 April 2020

Regular customer would not buy from anywhere else, the quality and price along with the customer service is better then their competitors

Jane - Lancashire

16 April 2020

Already told many of my friends about all the essentials that are on offer at TJC. I knew TJC was a good company but you have gone out of your way to provide your customers with items unavailable elsewhere. Many thanks.

Pauline - Worcester

15 April 2020

I have been for years with TJC , always buying my jewellery specially my diamonds from TJC . The quality , certificate and the price are amazing in comparison to others .

S - Rugby

15 April 2020

My experience with tjc is amazing, the stuff I have bought at unbelievable price are incomparable to high street prices and quality too.

Patrician - SW11 5HG

14 April 2020

Trustworthy,efficient and secure .Friendly staff that go that extra mile!Worthy of praise for their very slick operation.Thanks TJC.


11 April 2020

TJC has fantastic items and their uniqueness, quality and prices are great. I love the things I buy from them and will always buy from them. Am very happy with my recent purchase as well.

Betty - London

10 April 2020

exccelent service,quality products, great customer services -any problems are sorted quickly and satisfied very easily, would reccommend to anyone, tyvm

Rose - Edinburgh Scotland GB

09 April 2020

We have been with TJC since the beginning great company especially there one for one meals for hungry children


08 April 2020

I would like to thank TJC for all essential items they are providing in this difficult time. Importantly they are providing products at very reasonable prices, not charging the earth as I’ve see elsewhere. Well done TJC Thank you.

Marie - London

07 April 2020

Good quality products. value for money and there is something for everyone, And the budget pay helps a lot.

Patricia - Battersea SW11 5HG

07 April 2020

Always happy with products from TJC.Good quality at a reasonable price.This product no exception.Good clarity of product.Fits well.Postage quick and well packaged.

Helen - Stoke On Trent

06 April 2020

Overall an excellent company. Helping those who are struggling to get these masks are really appreciated.

Maymoona - Guildford

05 April 2020

Always good products at reasonable prices. Good delivery and easy returns. Been shopping with TJC for 5 years.

Suzanne - Lancashire

04 April 2020

I have purchased many items from TJC and found most items of good quality at good prices.

Joyce - Manchester

03 April 2020

Shopping with TJC for many years now. Beautiful jewellery. I have quite a collection. I would like to say that I really admire TJC for anti bacterial Products, they are selling at the moment at such reasonable prices. Well done TJC you really do look after your customers. Thank you.

Marie - London

02 April 2020

Excellent company to deal with, providing great products at great prices.

Patricia - Cwmbran

02 April 2020

I have a great time on TJC love the £1 auctions which is where I bid for this necklace, rings, earring, chains etc anything you want such good quality. I can’t get enough of it!

Susan - Dartford Kent

01 April 2020

Very easy to order & the items come as promised. This is especially helpful during this time of crisis & worry. I would like to thank EVERYONE working at TJC to help others, it is very much appreciated.

Patrica - Dagenham

31 March 2020

They're a very good company whom because I've purchased lots of items from them over the years and therefore know they are an extremely good sale outlet whom you can trust so therefore be able to recommend them highly


31 March 2020

TJC is so full of good ideas for gifts and for treating yourself to anything from handbags jewellery and even things for the home. Everything I have bought up to now has been of super quality and value. The website is so easy that I can easily get carried away.

Doreen - Dinas Powys

31 March 2020



30 March 2020

I use tjc very often,very good prices,good to have budget pay,presenters and staff are amazing,ive bought lots off tjc and never had a problem.

Maureen - Manchester

29 March 2020

All the jewellery is 1st class and well made. I have had several items from you and have never had to return any.

Janet - North Walsham Norfolk

28 March 2020

Fab company... Always deliver quickly... X I love the auctions... My daughter and I love them x

Beryl - Newport

28 March 2020



27 March 2020

TJC continues to provide a range of items at a range of prices to suit all walks of life. Itms are always well packaged and promptly received.

SUSAN - Winchester

27 March 2020

Good quality jewelry at the best prices & as I have 3 sisters and 1 sister in law plus 6 nieces to buy for a necessity


26 March 2020

No complaints after 6 years shopping with them

Pauline - Isle Of Lewis

26 March 2020

A high quality jewellery channel. I purchase items on a regular basis and am never disappointed with the quality. Customer Service staff are friendly and able to deal with any questions I may have promptly. I would recommend.

Margaret - Gourock

25 March 2020

I have purchased several pieces and every purchase has been a success - no returns. The items have been truly described and have been extremely satisfied.


24 March 2020

Good channel the presenter are good they have some items on easy payment and they give refund quickly when u return items no questions asked.

Amina - London

23 March 2020

They are friendly, offer good quality with brilliant prices. What more can one ask for?

Barry - Great Yarmouth

22 March 2020

every time a buy my wife a piece of jewellery from TJC she is ALWAYS very happy and I will continue to buy more items from you. Many thanks

Paul - Margate

21 March 2020

I have always had great experiences with TJC. Everything is so competitively priced. If it has to go back for whatever reason, there is no problem getting a refund. Great shopping channel, carry on the good work.


21 March 2020

I have bought jewellery items from tjc for the past 3 years and I love every item I purchased.

Allie - Pontefract

21 March 2020

Love the bags ,purses, and JEWELLERY ive purchased lots of items .just received my leather bag today..

Philip - Swansea

20 March 2020

I love TJC this is the only thing I have a problem with I have always bought from TJC I wont stop buying from you because of one item not being to my liking.

Carol - Stockport

20 March 2020

I’ve bought a lot of expensive diamonds pieces from this company never disappointed for value or quality.

Nancy - Newcastle

19 March 2020

I've had many beautiful jewellery from TJC and would happily recommend them to anyone, excellent service all round and love the budget pay although makes me buy more because I can spread the payments

Julie - Dewsbury

19 March 2020

I have bought numerous items and very rarely had to return any and if I have it's been the sizing not the quality.You can buy genuine gemstones for the price you could pay for costume jewellery.

ROSEMARY - Chesterfield

18 March 2020

Have purchased many jewellery items from TJC since the channel opened and have been very satisfied with my purchases. Valuations of the pieces have always exceeded the purchase price. My daughter is also a satisfied customer.

Ann - Reading

18 March 2020

I have bought numerous items, some cheap and chearful, some higher end items. The quality and value of all is exceptional. If anything has had to go back for any reason there is never an issue - just a refund and fab customer service.


17 March 2020

Well everyone I've spoken to listened to had help via internet ordering everything from the beginning to the end and beyond actually they are happy to help you with they delivered quickly exceptional quality of goods and astonishingly great value the workmanship the presenters the buyers packaging is very good well you buy you'll enjoy every single step from watching to buying to the quality and the value their service from start to receiving to even allowing you a whole month but I can guarantee you won't need to they're simply amazing can't sing their true praises high enough and on top of all of that they give you the chance to purchase all items over certain times stated over time and with no interest payments ti

Pemmy - Chipping SODBURY

16 March 2020

I've bought from you for many years and can say that no matter what I buy I'm very happy with the product. On the rare occasion when there has been a problem it has been sorted out swiftly and efficiently by your customer service team. Keep up the good work tjc.

Pauline - Bangor

16 March 2020

Very friendly nothing was to much trouble as this was my first purchase but will not be my last it only taken a couple of minutes to complete.

Annette - Nuneaton

15 March 2020

I have bought a lot of items from TJC and have only had to return a small of items and got back with no trouble. But very happy with my purchases


14 March 2020

Always exccellent sevice I have ordered quite a few things from you now always as discribed and always very good quality and always exccellent value for your money if you want nice presents or even for yourself go to TJC you won't be disappointed. Kind regards Maudie


14 March 2020

My experience has been great and I'm always happy with what I buy from them

Miriam Ali

13 March 2020

They have always been courteous and helpful. Items usually arrive in good time and their range of products is great. They have some really beautiful things and most are very reasonably priced.


12 March 2020

I received 4 pairs of earrings, all very good quality and at a great price, I will purchase again.


12 March 2020

I have ordered a few items from TJC and found it all very good value for money, I would recommended anyone to shop there.


11 March 2020

Always happy with products I have ordered.Good quality,size and vibrancy.Reasonably priced.


11 March 2020

i love TJC and have been with you for many years , i love the one for one , i get to treat myself and not cost me loads , and knowing that i am feeding a child , well whats not to like . i became disabled 6 years ago , and dont get out much , so the tjc family is always there 24/7 and enjoy the shows , finding out about different gem stones ect , handy gagets to help me live an inderpendent life . Thank you TJC xx


10 March 2020

Everything I have purchased over the years has proved to be of excellent quality and value for money. Some very interesting and exclusive designs not available on other websites or in the High Street shops. Will continue to shop with TJC and have certainly recommended TJC to friends.


09 March 2020

Great company. All items are excellent value for the money. New and unusual designs. Items arrive on time, and beautifully packaged. Customer service is excellent. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.


08 March 2020

This is the 3rd ring I have purchased from TJC. From first point of contact with either the call centre or on-line it is so easy to order, until the delivery it is all so easy. The quality of jewellery for the price has been exceptional. I am looking forward to making further purchases with TJC.


06 March 2020

I manage to buy some excellent jewellery, the prices are amazing and the variety of gems available is amazing, especially the very rare ones, couldn't get this service from a normal high street jewellerys and are not in a position to complete with the prices. The gems are amazing quality, I love all my jewellery I have kept, especially the very rare ones


04 March 2020

Good service good price very good jewellery. Give them a try you will not regret it .


02 March 2020

Had an email showing a great offer on praisiolite earrings. Love this stone and wanted some easy wear studs. Not ordered before but couldn't resist trying them. Glad I did, ordered both pairs on offer and they are both so good that I couldn't send them back. Wanted some small every day diamond studs and found them on offer too so placed a second order. Great quality on all 3 pairs all for under £40 - amazing.


01 March 2020

I have been with tjc for a few years now and had no problems.when on a rare occasion I have had to contact them they are very good at solving my problem.


29 February 2020

I have purchased many items from TJC to jewellery to household items and I have been extremly pleased and as always very good value for money, also they have the most unusual things that you wouldnt find on the High Street, can I also add that the presenters are lovely and sometimes I just like to watch them they are very amusing, thankyou TJC I will always shop with TJC you carnt beat them


28 February 2020

Love tjc I used to buy from another prominent channel but no longer need to. Tjc prices and the choice out weigh any other channel. The previous shopping channel sells lovely things but I find now since changes to the business more costly, the bargains are often 1/2 carat size stones in gold. Too expensive for some of us or just not worth the price because of the gold increases now.


28 February 2020

Contacting customer service today on live chat, Christian was very polite, and efficient. He sorted my problem and was very courteous. He and customer services are to be highly recommended.


27 February 2020

Love tjc,always shop with confidence,easy returns. Some beautiful designs,at great prices. Variety in all areas.


27 February 2020

I’ve been a customer with the jewellery chanel for nearly 8 years now, I’ve bought many interesting items and some very lovely jewellery. It’s also a very knowledgeable program to watch and has thought me a lot about all different gems that I never knew before.


25 February 2020

I have had good service from t.j.c, only once I had a problem and it was resolved. The only thing I would say is regarding the none delivery of one item, they do an investigation and you won't get an immediate refund, you have to wait until they have investigated first then you have to wait a further amount of time for the refund to be sent then received. I do buy many items from t.j.c and find good value for money.


25 February 2020

I have never had a problem with anything I have bought from jewellery, apparel and handbags. All very good quality.


24 February 2020

Lots of pieces to choose from and very reasonable prices compared to high street retailers. Postage is well packaged and fast delivery. Easy website to use and numerous payment options available.


23 February 2020

Good quality products. Only had to contact customer service once and they were really helpful and solved problem straight away and we’re very friendly. Made me feel that I mattered.


22 February 2020

I have purchased many items from TJC and have always been pleased with them. I was very pleasantly surprised with this set and immediately tried it on my bed. Was really lovely and had quite a luxury look on the bed. I am considering buying another one for the other single bed. Fantastic value for the money.


20 February 2020

The package arrived on time and well packaged. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size!! LOL!!! By the time I contacted them, for an upgrade(size), they had run out of stock. The member of staff I dealt with was most pleasant and extremely helpful. I will continue to shop with TJC as value for money, and service is important to me.


20 February 2020

Tic offered a fantastic price on this handmade watch - too good to miss! The delivery was prompt and the product was exactly as described.


20 February 2020

JEWELLERY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES . Do try you will like what you see and love what you get .They are at the end of the telephone if there is a problem.Always ready to help.Good service .


19 February 2020

l ordered mine off the internet and it was so easy to do.l was surprised how quickly it was delivered.As l am disabled l can,t always watch the show so by going online l can go at my own pace.l am absolutely loving the Budget pay it means l can afford to buy jewellery off your show.Keep up the good work.Many thanks.


18 February 2020

I have shopped with Tjc for a few years now and have always been happy with my purchases.Even better now that there is budget pay on some items.


16 February 2020

This is not 1st time I have purchased from TJC I am an avid customer ,competitive pricing varied purchases to choose from


15 February 2020

I bought online rather than live as I was looking for a specific item. Heart shaped amethyst for my Nephew's Wedding. Got the earrings to match the pendant. Great value for money & ordering is SO simple.


14 February 2020

I have shopped with tjc for couple years now and introduced my daughter to them, on the whole they are very good.


13 February 2020

I feel TJC offers great value for money. I have purchased many pairs of earrings in the past from them and have never encountered any problems.

Judi - Twickenham

13 February 2020

Great service choice and exceptional value . Love that you are providing meals for underprivileged children with purchases great work .Thankyou keep up the excellent service.

Alison - Yorkshire

13 February 2020

Never had a problem with TJC arrives on time, well packaged what more do you want.

Julie - Prestwich

13 February 2020

Overall pretty good. I usually order on line, website is easy to use. Am kept informed of special offers, free p&p days etc.

Tricia - Chichester

13 February 2020

From the time purchased to the time received everything was an easy and smooth transaction. It is the second purchase and it will not be the last.


13 February 2020

Bought my dream pearl necklace from TJC . I would never normally have been able to afford such quality but TJC made it possible!

Sandra - Nr Manchester

12 February 2020

I love that I found this oil at a bargain price. You’d never find it anywhere else for this price. Thank you TJC. X

Sharon - Featherstone

12 February 2020

Very happy with products from TJC.Good quality at reasonable prices.This time I ordered a tanzanite ring.Is lovely attractive design and fits well.I highly recommend TJC for Jewelry.And will be buying off them again.

Helen -Stoke on Trent

12 February 2020

Im very happy with TJC ive told my friends about it and how good the prices are ,i cant believe sometimes just how cheap they are and i wonder if they are making a profit at times ,since i have found this channel it has made my days at home alot more enjoyable and its nor just jewellery they do they have such a variety of things to buy so you dont get bored watching the same thing all the time.

Jan - Glasgow

12 February 2020

Shopping with tjc is easy to do and the quality is first class. I especially for bags and scarves.

Erine - Cumnock

12 February 2020

Always happy to buy from this company, good quality products and service.


09 February 2020

Have shopped with TJC for many years - great products for all budgets and wonderful customer service every time.

Jayne -Aylesbury

11 February 2020

Continues to offer a good service and a range of quality products at a reasonable price.

Susan - Winchester

12 February 2020

I can only say about TJC that its the best and I watch it as regularly as I possibly can. A fantastic program.

Brian - Driffield

10 February 2020

Would recommend TJC, as so much choice, and I love my jewellery especially, beautiful gem stones.

Thelma - Isle of Wight

10 February 2020

I usually order on line after watching the television show to see what I like, the selection of goods are amazing. thank you.


10 February 2020

Great quality products and value for money and excellent presenters.

Susan - Merseyside

04 February 2020

Excellent shop, best quality, and prices. I will buy again.

Rasa - Ilford

08 February 2020

Free phone easy to use automated system have never been disappointed ith service or delivery.

Susan - Newton Aycliffe

08 February 2020