Super Saturday Deals

Super Saturday Beauty Deals

A Saturday sale that makes all weekends look boring!

Opatra Teeth Whitening Kit

Six-step solution for white & bright teeth in just minutes!

• 3-8 shades brighter teeth in 10 applications

• Goodbye to stains on teeth and also deep within surface

• Cold-light teeth whitening technology equipped

• Non-peroxide teeth whitening gel included

• Also in the pack: Cold light controller + Ergonomic Teeth Tray

Opatra Dermisonic Device

Revolutionary anti-aging device to say goodbye to wrinkles & fine lines!

• Skin repair with Galvanic technology, Ultrasound Stimulation, LED Light Therapy, & Vibration Massage

• Smoothens wrinkles & fine lines, and boosts new skin cell production

• Hand-held device that tightens face muscles & boosts blood circulation

Donna Bella Hair Straightening Brush

Hair styling made better; damage free!

• Equipped with 5 different temperature settings

• Time saving hairbrush that acts as a straightener, too

• LED display shows & adjust temperature that’s perfect for your hair

• Damage and burn free hairstyling in minutes

Magestic Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners that will change the way you’ve been styling your hair!