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More About Poppy Collection

Life is very unpredictable and unstable, yet we make the best of every single day, and that’s what The Poppy Factory does for veterans who were injured during or after service. For the veterans who experience challenges in daily life and cannot continue with the jobs, the organisation not just provides them with the needed work and occupation but also tend to look after their comfort in the assigned roles. Their concept of, “getting you back to work” is highly effective, where they help hundreds of unemployed veterans find the right job and thrive in their way back in the civilian workplace.

The TJC Poppy Collection

In our collection of poppy products, we have some exquisite products with the blooming beauty of the poppy flowers, which are often recognized as the symbol of sleep, peace and death due to the bright red colour.

Poppy Flowers:- Decorate your household with these beautiful bright red poppy artificial flowers and add the beauty of nature in any corner of your abode.

Poppy Brooch:- Each brooch carved in floral design, the poppy flowers not just look unique and exclusive, but can also give you the additional looks and add a blooming touch to your attire.

Poppy Pendants:- A thoughtful beauty, the pendants in our collection depict very intricate designs with the floral and leaf details very clear. With the poppy design, they look very stylish too.

Poppy Bracelets:- Available in beaded and charm design, each of these wrist adornments is adorned with the budding and refreshing looks of a poppy flower.

Why pick Poppy Collection?

While buying any of the products above, you not only get the unique looks and the beauty of it but also donate your fare share to a good cause. With each purchase you make, we assure to give £1 to The Poppy Factory and help the needed souls there. No matter what the poppy flower may denote, but with this purchase you can definitely give a flower from your side to the veterans and help them getting back at their feet in this fast-paced world.