More About Rhapsody Jewellery

Luxury is unique to everyone but to most, it is the gratification of senses through indulgence in expensive things and experiences. We at TJC, however, believe it to be something that brings comfort and pleasure but it does not have necessarily come at a higher cost or expense. With this as a guiding principle, we have created an in-house brand known as Rhapsody which is all about luxury at an affordable price. With Rhapsody, we aim to bring you a superior, rare and exclusive piece of jewellery without you having to a blow a hole in your pocket.

A team of skilled designers and artisans create this majestic collection with each piece of jewellery elegantly and finely crafted in 950 Platinum. Perfect to stand the test of time, these pieces are fitted with only AAAA premium quality gemstones and VS & VVS graded diamonds with E-F colour for a lavish appeal. Our Rhapsody collection is the biggest with the best quality Tanzanite extracted from our own mines in Tanzania, we offer our patrons in the UK and Europe this rare gemstone at the most reasonable prices possible.

With the beautiful jewellery ranging from solitaire, floral, cluster and eternity rings to stud, drop and cluster earrings to solitaire and drop pendants or necklaces, Rhapsody collection features a piece or two for everyone suiting their style and budget preference. Also rich in other precious and semi-precious gemstones like the Diamond, rare Rubelite, Padparadscha Sapphire, Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire, Santa Maria Aquamarine, Ethiopian Welo Opal and Jalisco Fire Opal, all the pieces are deftly designed and impeccably set in the resplendent Platinum for a luxurious look.

Luxury is not as far-fetched now; we make it possible every day at TJC. Pick a piece that defines you the best and instils charm and confidence in your aura whenever your step out. Take on this world by a storm with TJC’s Rhapsody jewellery making you look like a powerful Diva.

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