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More About Moissanite Rings

Very closely related to diamonds, Moissanite are known to exhibit a fine brilliance, one that is much more coveted than diamonds! They are double cut and have a double refraction as compared to diamonds and hence become the delight for anyone who is looking to don an unmatched brilliance. Taking you by surprise, Moissanite is lab created and has a rainbow-like reflection. They are much affordable and allow you to don a far more attractive brilliance as compare to diamonds at pocket friendly prices.

Discussed below is a glimpse of what we at TJC have to offer you in our moissanite rings online.

CHOOSE YOUR FINISH: Moissanite rings form for a delightful wear with their exuberant sparkle. You can always choose your preference you would want to wear this diamond-like gemstone in. Gold plated moissanite rings will give you a classic and timeless glow, Platinum plated moissanite rings add that luxurious sheen and rose gold plated moissanite rings will add the perfect dainty and blushy hue with a contemporary charm. Choose a finish that defines your personal taste.

SOLITAIRE DESIGNS vs ACCENTED DESIGNS: Moissanite is an extremely versatile gemstone and can dress your hand with a grace and evergreen charm of solitaire designs or one that is accented with other gems, or even infact can be paired with diamonds too! From solitaire, halo, floral, designer, bands, moissanite rings can be worn in any manner that suits your style and preference.

While moissanite rings are ideal to grace any occasion in your life but saying your vows with one is also an option one can explore while being on a budget and yet getting to don a fiery brilliance far greater than diamonds! Ranging a 9.25-9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Moissanite is extremely durable as a gem to be available in any cut and shape and grace any jewellery type in any setting.

We at TJC promise to bring you a quality of excellence and assure that you choose what your heart desires from classics to modern designs. Moissanite rings UK are getting their due popularity with their man-made brilliance spell binding one and all. Our collection of Moissanite rings offers designs that can be a pick for one and all as the versatility of this gemstone allows you to find a piece for yourself effortlessly.

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