Jewels Of India

It is a brand that boasts the rich history of India as it is through artistic jewellery pieces crafted adroitly by skilled artisans. Get a toast of Jewels of India’s highly revered jewellery to captivate the gaze of onlookers. [Read More]

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More About Jewels of India

Jewels of India as the name suggest is a brand that unleashes the rich history of India through its artistic jewellery. Quite impactful the name is, so is the jewellery. Indian jewellery making is quite diverse and dates back to not less than thousands of years. Jewels of India is extremely authentic and rich in nature. The jewellery it has is beautifully handcrafted by the Indian artisans.

TJC ensures that women in the UK experience the gorgeousness the world has to offer and therefore, presenting a brand true to Indian art of jewellery making will fill the moment in their lives.

Jewels of India Jewellery set

Having jewellery set is a filling experience. It let you team up your best outfit with a vibrant jewellery set and voila you are set to roll. The jewellery sets from Jewels of India depicts Indian heritage like no one can and the magnanimous use of gemstones defines the hues of richness and opulence.

Jewels of India Necklace

Get some collarbone bracing with a surreal necklace from Jewels of India available at TJC. It is breathtaking and no matter what it will complement your day to day outfits to that party look with much perfection. The hues, the adroitness and the designs altogether strike the right strings and call for a grab.

Jewels of India Rings

A ring is one piece of accessory that leaves no stone unturned in elevating your look. A statement ring adds the instant glam and let you stand out with that one piece of bling. Having said that, witnessing the timeless classic ring from Jewels of India will steal your senses. A cluster of gemstones or one heavy gemstone gloriously flanks on the top and boastfully showcases the culture of India. The jewellery from this brand is inspired by nature.

Though the artisan's crafted ring may have some irregularities that are taken as a brownie point to enhance the beauty of the ring as it is handmade. The jewels are decorated with granulation, bewitching texture and milgrain work. Make sure you have at least one in your jewel collection.

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