Blankets and Throws

Add huddling warmth and transcending colours to your humble abode with a little something from our vast collection of blankets and throws. With some sublime designs and guaranteed high quality fabrics, you’re sure to find true happiness here![Read More]

More About Blankets and Throws

Here’s where all the amazing designs are! Scroll through our diverse catalogue to go through a fine selection of blankets and throws, all promised with fine quality and mesmerizing designs. Peppered with intricate artwork or laced with cherishing glamour, these priceless features will win over anyone who looks in their direction.

Flaunting finishes or fur, Kashmiri work, or flannel, there’s an incredibly vast range we present at TJC! Ranging for the requirement of bitter cold seasons with fur blankets to the sinfully warm summer with cotton throws, we have got you covered, no matter what you desire.

Find adorable decorations with playful tassels and golden beads embroidered on the edges to bring up a modern flair to the designs. Or you can go simple with the earthly tones and monochromatic displays. The choices are truly endless!

For your ease of access, we have also implied filters and refinements on the left side of the page, where you can narrow down your selection to right where you want it. Get your own refinement of blanket and throws just like you want them.

You don’t have to spare a concerning thought when it comes to the guarantee of the product. At TJC, we have a very extensive clearance procedure where our experts of the field carefully analyse each product with close scrutiny. Only after a thorough check of the product is it cleared to be shipped. We also get our goods and raw products from only the best resources so we can maintain a high-quality chain of delivery. The product goes through a lot of stops before it is deemed fit to be shipped to you. After all, we do thrive on your satisfaction.

Feel completely at ease when you’re shopping at TJC. We’ve worked to make our portal just to your liking. With our extremely user-friendly interface, we make sure you find what you’re looking for at the soonest. You can apply the filters found on the left side of your page to narrow down your search and save time. We also give you different ranges based on their price, so you can shop according to your budget.

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