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Furnish your outdoor units just as efficiently and beautifully as your house! Presenting a diverse range of all things that enliven your outdoor settings, TJC presents just the collection you need to pretty up your garden and yards! [Read More]

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A beautifully decorated home is impressionable and there’s no doubt about it. But, you also have to remember that furnishing all your outdoor units is just as important. In fact, the first impression that the guests receive will be from how your garden is decorated. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you through that! We assist you in finding a great deal of glorious products that will make your garden look like a treat!

Scroll through our immense catalogue, which promises you high-grade and good quality products with a long life. The materials of our products promise no discolouration or breakage over time and prolonged exposure to the sun. We only get our products from the most trusted and reliable sources, so we can provide you an uncompromised quality. To ensure that only perfection reaches you, we have also employed several quality analysis centres, where our diligent workers carefully scrutinize each product. We make our best efforts to only deliver pristine quality products.

Sort through our range to find several decorations in our collection, like wind chimes, garden adornments, artificial decorations of flowers, and much more! With pop of colours and a vivacious range of trendy and peppy designs, decorating the outdoor will be fun! We also provide you an enormous range in the designs of umbrellas, to help with the torrential rains! So, come over and shop for the house with us.

Make sure that all the guests are awed by the way you have efficiently decorated your house as they drive by the garden. With colourful decorations peeping, your garden party will definitely be a blooming success! Prepare for your outdoor barbeque and win the hosting game with range we provide! Not only the decorations, but you can also find a spectacular range of kitchen and dining needs with us.

To make your experience with us a smooth journey, we make strenuous efforts. We keep working diligently on our customer portal to keep it user-friendly and easily accessible. In fact, you can apply the filters and refinements that we have employed on the left side of the page, where you can narrow down your search according to how you want the sorting. You can look at the relevant products on the basis of prices, bestsellers, or even suggestions from our in-house experts! We keep updating our collection, so every time you visit us, you’ll have a new reason to shop!

We’d love to hear from you! We thrive on feedback. So, please write back to us on how we can improve! If you’re not satisfied with the product’s quality, we also provide easy return. Just remember to read and go through our return policies.

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